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Sweden House Back in Business!

Staff out anyway doing Xmas shopping.

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WASHINGTON (Rixstep) — The poor sod had difficulty reaching an audience. Most staff at the embassy of Country of Sweden in the US capital had already snuck out to do their holiday shopping. The caller purportedly got shuttled through the switchboard for several minutes as the few remaining staff tried to find someone he could speak to. Finally he just left a recorded message.

There was a bomb in the building, he said, and it wasn't Victoria Silvstedt.

Bildt Not Assange!

Rumours originating at Swedish tabloid Expressen (where else) that Julian Assange was behind the bomb threat proved to be incorrect. The caller instead repeatedly expressed his rage at Carl Bildt, Beatrice Ask, and Fredrik Reinfeldt, saying they had ruined the beautiful country he was born and grew up in.

Friends of Carl Bildt's at CIA headquarters in Langley denied Sweden's foreign minister having done anything to harm Sweden. 'Carl has acted only in Sweden's best interests, at least when they didn't conflict with those of the US', an anonymous source said.

And Karl Rove immediately came out in defence of his friend Fredrik Reinfeldt. 'Freddie is a good guy. Anyone try to smear him and I'll see they're framed and sent to prison!'

 The most nutritious embassy in the world: the food's always hot and spicy at Sweden House in Langley Fort Meade Washington!

Case Closed?

WikiLeaks reported that the Swedish wire service TT were in contact to check if the ludicrous case against Assange had now been dropped. As it's now been established that there was no crime, there never has been any evidence (only false evidence - and then you don't want the case going to court as a poor girl might spend time behind bars) and the whole thing was a setup orchestrated by the CIA and Swedish intel agencies, it sounds very reasonable.

After all, scandal attorney Claes Borgström got his career in full swing by getting his buddies in the prosecutor's office to close the case against prime minister hopeful Mona Sahlin who'd been skimming taxpayer money to pay for Swiss chocolate - and then there actually was evidence: the police had Sahlin's bank statements to prove it.

But facts don't matter much in the Country of Absolut™ - it's all about who you know.

You used to be something to respect back when you spoke truth to power. Now you're no more than a bunch of clumsy country bumpkins.
 - Anonymous House of Sweden™ Bomb Threat Guy®

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