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Snowden's Xmas Message

'A child born today will grow up with no conception of privacy at all.'

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MOSCOW/LONDON (Rixstep) — We always suspected but we didn't know. Reality proved far worse than our worst nightmares. All the while the Internet universe expanded, immature 'frat boys' went about corrupting, bullying, spying on us. Today they're so deeply entangled in the infrastructure of the Internet that it's going to take years of effort to get them out.

We need legislation and we need technical safeguards. We have to make sure that even the weakest link in our concerted unanimous resolve to keep them out is far stronger than they can ever be.

There'll always be 'frat boys' (and four star generals) who get a kick out of hacking on highly unethical grounds. We have to contain them both by new laws and by better technology.

AP posted the above clip to YouTube. AP seem to think that Edward Snowden, recording his message for British Channel 4, directed his speech to the US.

Some of the comments posted at the above YouTube link are revelatory to say the least. Many are very positive but there are still a few holdouts. The timestamps of the posts make it easy to see the country of origin.

Go to hell Snowden, you traitor.... This idiot HS drop out has nothing to do with Christmas or Christ. USA will stop spying when Iran, Pakistan, North Korea and a dozen other crazy terrorist states stop their death to America crap or destroy Israel crap, and we'll stop when there is no more spying in the world by anyone anywhere, including China that is hacking and stealing from America constantly.... Then we will stop..... 9/11, is not going to happen again, because we are watching.... You can blame the moslum cult and it's teaching of religious jihad against West and Jews and world domination or death......
 - gmcjetpilot 05:00 AM UTC 26 Dec

notice he said an unrecorded unanalyzed THOUGHT. Remote Neural Monitoring people...brain mapping & thought "reading" is REAL! they are doing it NOW.
 - 9Nania 04:00 AM UTC 26 Dec

Early morning comments convey the opposite sentiment.

I cant believe how ignorant of a person i share this country with. First off, the Government has broken so many laws regarding all this spying its done. They shake it off like its nothing and try to focus the blame towards Snowden.
 - TheMasterMind 08:00 AM UTC 26 Dec

Unlike gmcjetpilot..
 - Anthony Kayser 08:00 AM UTC 26 Dec

Happy 2014.

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