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Carl Bildt Always Knows Too Much

The Swedish MSM on their beloved MFA.

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Not everyone likes Sweden's MFA. Outside of a handful yanks. But 1976-1982 Sweden had an unusual and motley government for the first time since the early 1900s, and when that Russian sub went up on the rocks outside the coastal town of Karlskrona, Carl Bildt was connected to that government, by being the personal secretary of conservative ('Moderate') leader Gösta Bohman.

As the party's 'expert' on most everything, Bildt became the driving force behind the submarine report, and subsequently he carted off the report to his friends in Langley, causing prime minister Olof Palme to exclaim 'that fucking Bildt'.

The 'sub scares', that thereafter played out with enviable precision in both the parliament and the media, ultimately proved as bogus as the conclusions Bildt put in the report he personally delivered to the CIA.

Aftonbladet correspondent 'Carl Hamilton' is one of many who has things to say about Carl Bildt. He published the following screed 6 November 2006, shortly after Bildt was appointed minister for foreign affairs by ultra right wing PM Reinfeldt.

Carl Bildt Always Knows Too Much

Can one know too much? A previous minister for finance counted freight train cars and knew precisely what he needed to know about economic recessions.

A quick survey of the blog of the new minister for foreign affairs at the time of the invasion of Iraq reveals a man who always knows too much. Too much for his own good.

He rushes from dinner table to dinner table, from conference to conference, he's always there when things happen, he's always spoken with the major players, he always has the latest scoops. When the invasion finally begins, he's of course sitting in the White House, musing about the 'tick-tock of the old clock' in the West Wing.

For starters he knows for a fact that the war will soon be over. But then it turns out he knows even more, he puts his finger (or possibly his ear) to the ground, and informed sources tell him that the US forces got stuck somewhere outside Baghdad. So Bildt starts counting divisions - there are divisions in Texas, divisions in Saudi Arabia, one seasick division off the coast of Turkey; at one point Bildt is juggling the whole US army. And now he knows even more, perhaps more than anyone, and so he changes his prediction: namely that this invasion may take some time.

He barely has time to upload the article to his site and suddenly the war's over. But what does Bildt say? 'I've been right all along!' is what Bildt says. Of course this - when Bildt was actually right - is from some time ago when Bildt actually knew less.

He mocks the French and Anna Lindh who don't believe in the invasion. For him it's not about 'believing' - he knows.

He knows everything - save one itsy-bitsy item. That he's on the verge of historical folly.

How can someone know so much, yet understand so little? Maybe that's why.

Full knowledge is routinely recommended in private relationships. The status charts for love affairs have to be updated daily. For everything from dissension to who knows more, why, how, and when, to who gets to take the dog for a walk - the advice of the media's experts can be summarised in two words: 'speak out'.

Tell us what you feel, tell us like it is, tell us what you want, speak out. Knowledge shall make you free. The more we know about each other, the better it will be.

Perhaps we don't need to know everything after all. Perhaps all we need to do is count those freight train cars.

Rather than giving the stage to Carl Motherfucking Bildt, the Swedish foreign minister who collaborates with the NSA in spying, it should be the case that Snowden should be on the stage, and Julian Assange as well.
 - Jacob Appelbaum NetMundial 2014

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