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Carl Johan von Seth

Part of the holiday tradition.

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DUCK CITY (Rixstep) — There are things in our lives - things we cling to sentimentally - which are forever part of our holiday traditions. There's mistletoe, and for Swedes there's of course julmust...

But there's also the timely surfacing of the underaged, underdeveloped prat, right smack dab into the circus act known as Swedish journalism.

This year's star is one Carl Johan von Seth. He's captured below at his most suave.

Carl Johan von Seth (he calls himself 'Carl Johan', 'von Seth' being his virtuously teutonic family name) is a wholesome twenty-six years old (will be twenty-seven in another eight months) and has already succeeded at something so many others fail at - even after a lifetime.

He's achieved wisdom - and he also knows it all. Finally: he's not afraid to play with fire, and he's certainly not bothered by petty 'adult' things like a sense of ethics or journalistic responsibility.

Which is both fortuitous and fortunate, for as followers of the never-ending silly Swedish duck opera are aware, it's no longer illegal for news media to lie to their readers, and Master CJ von Seth's employers are the ones who first proposed that tiny bit of new legislation to the right-wing 'alliance' government in the first place. And today with the totally mental (and fully comparable) attack dog Wolodarski in place at Bonnier's flagship rag, the time is right for further snot-nosed wankers like Carl Johan von Seth to make their entrance.

Carl Bildt's right wing warmongers had a good run. They had eight full years to ruin Sweden's model society as much as they could - all for the benefit of Carl's masters in the US of course. And they did well. Of course they'd never have been given the chance had the previous social democrat government not been so corrupt, but that's crying over spilled milk.

Carl Johan von Seth comes from good stock. There are almost seven dozen people in the duckdom sharing that noble family name. CJ is also, like his partial namesake Carl Bildt, extremely cool - he digs Stephen Colbert and 30 Rock.

The Bonnier flagship DN.se is also good stock: they pay the salary of Hanne Kjöller, that eloquent and above all brainy former nightshift nurse who is able to divine the truth in controversial legal cases without even reading up on them, who later came out with a book excoriating shoddy journalism, a book so embarrassingly full of factual errors (and hints of mental aberration) that it got 'disappeared' by the publisher.

From Squabbling to New Elections

Carl Johan von Seth is notable today for a journalistic gem of a walloping 121 words entitled Russophobia, part of a lengthier Bonnier propaganda opus called From Squabbling to New Elections, published today at five minutes past midnight when all good ducks are fast asleep.

Europe's secret pandemic is 'Russophobia', and in the acute case of Sweden, a hatred of Russia, the Russians, and Putin, driven by a power complex.

It was in an interview with Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet that Sergei Markov, personal envoy to Putin, made that diagnosis earlier this year.

The idea itself is much older. 19th century philosopher John Stuart Mill was said to have been the first. Since he coined the term, it's been used and abused in explananing numerous major political events.

The background this time is last year's Maidan protests in Kiev. The demonstrators directed their anger at the now deposed president Yanukovych. Putin's response was to annex the Crimea and launch a hybrid war in eastern Ukraine; the rioters in Ukraine were 'fascists' and 'Nazis'.

'Russophobia' is part of the same propaganda vocabulary. As a disease analysis, the phenomenon sorts in the category 'this year's health myths'.

So speaketh a 26 year old wanker. And so writeth someone in the employ of a Bonnier. Someone trying to dismiss what all Swedes know as some sort of 'flight of fantasy'. Russophobia - and the concerted and orchestrated campaign to create it in Sweden - is a very real entity, and a very real danger to Sweden, and to world peace.

  • The rioters in Kiev were indeed fascists and Nazis. The EU condemned the Svoboda Party as fascists. The Right Sector paramilitary group, today in charge of the country's security infrastructure, are self-proclaimed Nazis, following in the footsteps of Nazi collaborator Stepan Bandera, whom they still worship and revere.

  • Other more 'mainstream' politicians in Kiev are still dangerously toxic, labeling the people in the east of the country 'subhuman' and calling for their total annihilation.

  • The people of Crimea, who suffered considerable losses at the hands of the Nazis in WW2, saw the writing on the wall, organised self-defence groups, and called for their parliament to hold a referendum on applying for membership in the Russian Federation, as most of them are Russian anyway.

  • Russia never invaded Crimea. They have a lease on the naval port of Sevastopol (for which they paid dearly) and can, according to their agreement, have 25,000 troops on hand to protect the port. At the time of the referendum, they had only 16,000.

  • The famed chief 'prosecutie' of Crimea, Natalia Poklonskaya, witnessed Nazi tactics in Kiev, was herself assaulted by the Nazi thugs, and jumped at the chance to assume a new role in Simferopol.

  • Russia has no involvement in the conflict in eastern Ukraine. Every attempt by the western media to prove otherwise has resulted in embarrassment. Russia has however contributed convoy after convoy of humanitarian aid to the people there.

  • At least five thousand people have perished, mostly civilians, and over one million have fled their homes (to the safety of Russia). The Nazis in Kiev admit to deliberately targeting schools, daycares, hospitals, and even ambulances in an effort to terrorise the people into submission.

  • Little of this is known in Sweden, where news organisations like those of the Bonniers keep a tight filter on what's to be known by the ducks.

  • The 'Russian sub' ploy started with Carl Bildt in the 1980s, and it's been debunked time and again. There've been recent attempts to scare people again, but the latest 'incident' turned out again to be a ruse. Swedes felt little 'Russophobia' until Carl Bildt came along - Carl Bildt is currently the most infamous (and most mental) victim of Russophobia in the world.

The textbook admonition in cases like this would be: do the research.

But in a country where consensus is infinitely more important than truth, it's not likely the likes of Carl Johan von Seth will ever understand the distinction - or feel the compunction to care for the truth in journalistic research and reporting.

Carl Johan von Seth is but 26 years old; he's yet to grow balls. Judging from his portfolio, it's unlikely he ever will. And that's a real shame for Johanna.

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