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CSI Sweden: #Blockgate

The facts speak for themselves.

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DUCKBURG (Rixstep) — The Swedish Institute, which was supposed to promote Sweden's image abroad, but which was actually doing damage control on an increasingly tarnished reputation, had to do a 'poodle' (Swedish slang for 'unconditional surrender') earlier this week, and all but admit they'd screwed up, as news of their latest gaffe made waves outside the Duckpond.


Up until this frank admission, however, everything was 'above board', etc etc etc. Several claims were made. None of them withstood the light of day. 14000 people were blocked by 'experts', said the institute.

It was later found that the week's curator, a certain Vian Tahir with undocumented merits and questionable mental health, had cutely and smoothly imported her own personal block list to the government account.

As the following examples make crystal clear, there was no 'expert' about this block, nor had the Swedish Institute checked the block list as claimed. All one had in the block list were breadcrumbs backtracking the wayward meanderings of a very sick mind.


Perhaps the most esteemed member of the infamous #Blockgate list was William H Gates III, aka cofounder of Microsoft Corporation Bill Gates. Evidently Vian Tahir doesn't like old Bill much. Many don't like Bill Gates much, but does one then go block him on someone else's Twitter account - an account officially held by the government of Sweden?

Say 'hi' to Bill.

BillGates,Bill Gates,7 years ago,2347,183,34746578

No Bikinis Please!

Tahir evidently doesn't like bikinis. They're sexist and above all highly racist. It's doubtful any of them would have approached the Swedish account, but heck - block away! Bikinis are racist!

bikini_bridge,Bikini Bridge,3 years ago,27,312,477
Bikini_Bridge_,Sexiest Bridge Girls,3 years ago,125,75,514
bikinibridge14,BikiniBridge,3 years ago,149,111,991
BikiniBridge2,BikiniBridge,3 years ago,251,35,141
BikiniBridge4ev,Bikini Bridge Love™,3 years ago,17,5,152
BikiniBridge69,Bikini Bridge,3 years ago,996,216,163
BikiniBridgeEC,BikiniBridge Ecuador,3 years ago,40,40,101
bikinibridgegap,#bikinibridge,3 years ago,108,21,118
BikiniBridges,Bikini Bridges™,3 years ago,21,0,1068
bikinibridgexx,Bikinibridge,3 years ago,593,112,193
BikiniBridgeYES,Suzie Shoales,3 years ago,57,45,54
biknibridge,#bikinibridge,3 years ago,9,13,208

No Politicians Please!

Tahir doesn't like politicians either. Here's Jan Ericson, a parliamentarian.

Ericson_ubbhult,Jan Ericson,5 years ago,40984,3504,4992

Jan's actually taken this matter to parliament, and sent a formal 'interpellation' to good old Margot Wallström, who is ultimately responsible. The government must respond within 72 hours.

Build a Wall!

Might as well block out Israel's ambassador as well. Go for it.

isaacbachman,Isaac Bachman,8 years ago,1502,520,1685

Asleep, Half Asleep?

There are over 400 dormant accounts on the #Blockgate list, 145 (one hundred forty five) who have a single tweet to their credit and nearly 300 (three hundred) that have never been used at all.

But they're obviously all racist, as any 'expert' can tell. So block them!

New Accounts!

The claim was made that badass accounts crept up out of nowhere to attack poor Tahir. But only five accounts were created for the week she was blocking. Oh well. Racists!


There are several Justin Bieber fan accounts on the list. Racists!


It's easy to see how many accounts verified by Twitter were blocked by Tahir. Go to the access point for the latest version and search for 'verifierat' (Swedish for 'verified'). As all 'experts' know, verified accounts are invariably racist. Block!


Nope, Nigel - Vian doesn't like you or your party either! Question is of course how she'd come into contact with you...

Oh well. Break out the Prozac. Racists!

UKIP,UKIP,5 years ago,33860,4748,159914
NeilUKIP,Neil Hamilton AC/AM,3 years ago,2139,5178,8874
UKIPEaling,UKIP Ealing,3 years ago,8174,2241,1441
UKIPinWales,UKIP in the Senedd,about a year ago,468,285,560

All told, Tahir blocked 11 UKIP official accounts, several of which are verified by Twitter, none of which are likely to have had anything to do with the Swedish account, or with Tahir, heaven forbid.

Julian Assange!

This is one of the best. Absolutely one of the best.

JulianAssange_,Julian Assange,6 years ago,1628,87,215227

Note that this, however, is not the real Julian Assange account, but the fake one that WikiLeaks got shut down over four years ago. So when Tahir complained about harassment, she must have been projecting backwards.

That's it. It's OK now. All will be fine!


Chevron! They're a big bad oil company! They owe Ecuador lots! Let's block them too! No, they're never gonna interact with us, or send anything threatening our way, but let's block anyway! Wahoo!

Chevron,Chevron,8 years ago,13551,371,323635


Badoo's a dating site, right? Well then why does Tahir have to block them? Does she really think they're going to tweet to her and threaten her? Or is she just totally bat...

Badoo,Badoo,7 years ago,5697,636,244020

And Many Many More!

The list's out there, in at least three versions, all with over 14000 accounts blocked by the Swedish government. Happy hunting - block those racists!

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