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Sweden's Model Democracy

Things have never been better in the land of the midnight sun.

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ANKEBORG (Rixstep) — Sweden is in the depths of a governmental crisis. The current government could topple already today. The following is a look at the overall situation.

This is the current makeup of the Swedish parliament (Riksdagen) according to Swedish Wikipedia.

The total number of seats is 349. It used to be 350, despite left/right block politics, and no one there seemed to see the inevitable until it finally happened: an election result with a dead heat of 175/175.

So the geniuses voted through a new law reducing the number of seats by one. Problem solved.

The current government is a minority government, with only two of the 'red/green' parties actually represented: the social democrats (Socialdemokraterna) and the greens (Miljöpartiet).

The third 'red/green' party, the leftists (Vänsterpartiet), are excluded from the government because Bilderberg darling, Annie Lööf of the Centre Party (Centerpartiet), declared on election night that she'd make trouble if the leftists were allowed in.

So the current government is a minority government, held together only by something they call the December Agreement (Decemberöverenskommelse or DÖ) which basically states they'll leave things 'as is' for everyone's benefit.

Now one might wonder why the 'opposition', who have more than enough seats to have been declared election winners and chosen to form and run a majority government, have not done so.

The answer is the party known as the Sweden Democrats (Sverigedemokraterna). They're the second biggest party in the opposition, and have since grown in recent polls to be the biggest party in the country, but none of the other parties will work with them. They've even been banned from official state events and the annual Nobel Prize banquet.

What's so bad about them? They're against full-scale acceptance of immigration, currently more than twice as big per capita as any other country in the world. They're also the bane of the current PM's 'Wormtongue', one Henrik Arnstad, who claims they have neo-fascist roots.

So what do we have, on the eve (the day) of the biggest crisis in modern times?

  • The Sweden Democrats were invited to talks for about the first time ever, this because they can contribute to a vote of no confidence.
  • The leading party in the government, the social democrats, have totally tanked in recent polls, and may be in a full nosedive because of recent events.
  • The greens have been conspicuously absent throughout the crisis. They're not taken too seriously anymore anyway. Party leaders Gustav Fridolin and Isabella Lövin have been the targets of humour, even internationally, after the Tehran incident.
  • Former opposition leader and former governmental leader M (the 'Moderates') are currently tanking worse than the social democrats.
  • The remaining opposition parties were already, at the time of the last election, smaller than the Sweden Democrats.
  • Annie Lööf's Centre Party has support from Bilderberg. She and she alone was invited to the latest meeting.
  • The only party that voted against the motion that caused the current crisis? The Sweden Democrats.

And they call that a democracy...

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