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Assange: Go Where You Wanna Go?

Something's happened in the Assange case?

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PARIS (Rixstep) — Both AFP and Le Monde came out with an article earlier today claiming Julian Assange was 'no longer under arrest' and free to go where he wanted. The AFP article was later picked up by Yahoo where it was in turn linked in by the WikiLeaks Twitter feed.

The information is presumably based on a conversation with Björn Hurtig earlier today.

Hurtig said the investigation was not completed but the investigators are not yet calling Assange for questioning. 'I've been told there's no arrest warrant against him', Hurtig said - which is close to what everyone understood all along, ever since Eva Finné rescinded the warrant issued by Maria Kjellstrand.

Citing a 'source familiar with the case', AFP report that one of the girls filing the complaints met with authorities yesterday and the other would be questioned further on Monday - after the national Swedish elections.

Up to now, Assange has stated he wanted to stay in Sweden to fight the accusations. A similar story started a few weeks ago when a tabloid couldn't find any reason to assume Assange was still in the country (and perhaps couldn't find anything to fill a web page either). Both Leif Silbersky and prosecutor Marianne Ny dismissed the suggestion at the time.

The AFP story shows other signs of being distanced from reality - they describe ISP Bahnhof's nuclear bunker under Vitabergsparken as a 'basement'. Yet WikiLeaks' Twitter feed linking to a copy of the story suggests something's going on.

Slip Sliding Away?

Blogger 'Citizen X' came up with a theory on 10 September.

'Marianne Ny is standing there like a donkey between two bales of hay, with poor alternatives to choose from. She's most likely being pressured by the politicians at the same time.'

'Should she choose to dismiss the case before the elections, at the same time the red-green alliance wins, she knows her days in the prosecutor's office are numbered: Claes Borgström is not only a lawyer, he's also the equality minister of choice in a red-green cabinet. And he shares a legal firm with Thomas Bodström, the only candidate for minister of justice for the social democrats.'

'Citizen X' believes the case must ultimately be dismissed but that the powers that be are apprehensive about losing face after all that's already transpired. Yet jettisoning the case ASAP will hurt less than carrying on any longer.

'Pushing the case to a trial would show the world what an abysmal judicial system we have in Sweden. That men can be brought into court only on the subjective testimony of a woman. The entire world would laugh at the trial and at the Swedish judicial system. The only way out is to take care of the matter behind closed doors, but up to now everything in the affair has leaked like a sieve.'

The Swedish national elections close tomorrow at 20:00. The trial of The Pirate Bay begins a few days later, as do the formal deliberations for the hated Data Retention Directive. As if everything's being held back for the sake of desired election results.

Yet no one spoke with Marianne Ny - only Björn Hurtig. Could this be Sweden's way of letting it all quietly slip away?

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