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The Swedish name for Sweden is Sverige which is a contraction of Svea rike. Sweden is the country of goddess/warrior legend Mother Svea. Sweden is a functional matriarchy.

The current feminist movement in Sweden is not traditional feminism but a new type: a 'communist feminism' where the individual is disregarded. Communist feminists in Sweden have of late - with help from Claes Borgström - been advocating a 40% representation by women in fire departments.

The leader of Sweden's 'feminist initiative' is Gudrun Schyman, a former leader of the Swedish communist party who was disgraced by tax crimes and alcoholism. After being sacked by her party, she resurfaced as a communist feminist. She and her people have amongst other things said heterosexual women who have sex with their husbands are 'traitors' and 'all men are animals'.

Presumption of innocence does not apply in rape cases in Sweden. This because the feminists complained too few 'rapists' were being convicted because there was no evidence. They successfully pressured Sweden's supreme court to issue 'guidelines' to the lower courts to sidestep presumption of innocence in rape cases, ensuring they can still convict (even without evidence) as long as the woman's story is plausible and there is no obvious reason to suspect she's made the whole thing up.

Sweden has one of the highest official rape levels in the world, lagging only behind South Africa. This despite Swedes - and Swedish men in particular - being one of the most self-effacing and mild-mannered peoples on the planet. Sweden also has an obscene number of overturned rape verdicts where the plaintiff was finally exposed as 'making the whole thing up'.

Making false accusations in a rape case is a felony in Sweden, punishable by two years in prison. Despite the huge number of such cases surfacing, the prosecutors - often women themselves - rarely take the cases to court.

Several prominent figures in Sweden have made a career out of riding the 'communist feminist wave', most notably Claes Borgström who claims that the current worldwide recession is due to men - this before his audience of shocked communist feminists who thought he'd gone too far. Borgström was instrumental in implementing the current legislation in Sweden and today he's making money hand over fist taking on cases his own legislation made possible.

Swedish condoms - both those imported and those manufactured locally - are rigorously tested and seldom break.

Anna Ardin (who fancies herself a latter day Greta Garbo) has done considerable university work on topics such 'queer feminism', 'queer lesbianism', and even opened the first lesbian nightclub on the Swedish island of Gotland. Her mentor at her university is a notorious Norwegian feminist who got her tenure by crying 'gender discrimination' when a more qualified (but male) candidate was first awarded the position.

Anna Ardin belongs to the notoriously flaky 'brotherhood movement' which attempts to be a sort of Jim Jones adjunct to the social democrat party. Natives know to avoid these people like the plague.

Anna Ardin was euphoric about having bedded Julian Assange and tweeted so the night after at her crayfish party. Her legal counsel has since told her to remove the tweets as they revealed her as a liar; she forgot she had a mirror site for her tweets; a Swedish investigative journalist found out about this and caught Anna Ardin in a trap.

Unlike Greta Garbo Anna Ardin, Sofia Wilén seems to have been given professional help in wiping her data trails.

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