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Choking on Their Turkey

People in the US finally noticed WikiLeaks.

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NEW YORK (Rixstep) — People in the US have been relatively successful in ignoring WikiLeaks up to now. But now the fun ends. And it's given their Thanksgiving turkey a bitter aftertaste, according to Aftonbladet's correspondent Per Bjurman.

'The US war crimes weren't something many people in the US cared about', writes Bjurman from New York. 'But finding out that their diplomats have insulted world leaders like Sarkozy and Cameron has ruined their Thanksgiving weekend.'

Bjurman's noticed the lack of effect of previous WikiLeaks releases in the US.

'The pictures of how US troops mistakenly murdered Reuters reporters passed by almost unnoticed.'

And up until now both the public and the political establishment have focused their ire on the whistleblowers who gave WikiLeaks the confidential materials. Those brave souls are seen as traitors in the US and a sizeable majority of the people there think the whistleblowers should get prison for life at the very least.

'But despite the people involved in Thanksgiving - a holiday in the US where almost everything stands still - the new leak (#Cablegate) has provided a new type of reaction - it's given their turkey a bitter aftertaste.'

'That their diplomats should converse so condescendingly, even scornfully, about world leaders like Vladimir Putin, Nicolas Sarkozy, and above all Nelson Mandela is seen not merely as embarrassing - for many it's the proof their state department's sorely lacking in class and discipline.'

'But no one blames Obama directly, even if he's ultimately responsible for an administration - including Hillary's state department - that can't live up to required standards.'

'The WikiLeaks releases are no longer a mere embarrassment for Obama. They're starting to become a political problem.'

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