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WikiLeaks: Twitter Harvest 2010-11-30

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1. Associated Press: Robert Gates on Why Governments Deal with US. Be sure to read the comments by Ristar85.

2. Telegraph: WikiLeaks: Bank chief's 'great concerns' for David Cameron and George Osborne
The Governor of the Bank of England had 'great concerns' about David Cameron and George Osborne's 'lack of experience' in the weeks before the election, leaked cables show.

3. Telegraph: WikiLeaks: Hillary Clinton warned of undermining David Cameron
Hillary Clinton was warned by US officials that Gordon Brown and David Miliband might seek to use her to undermine David Cameron.

4. Telegraph: WikiLeaks: Government 'protected US interests' in Iraq War inquiry
The British Government gave secret assurances that it would 'protect US interests' in the Iraq War inquiry, leaked diplomatic cables show.

5. Telegraph: WikiLeaks: summary of the latest disclosures
The latest round of WikiLeaks releases disclose more detail about the US's relationships with allies and foes across the globe. Here is a round-up of today's headlines.

6. Telegraph: WikiLeaks: Timeline of key revelations
From Sarah Palin's email account to the Apache helicopter attack on journalists, we look at the key WikiLeaks revelations.

7. TIME: Assange: Hillary Should Resign
Speaking over Skype from an undisclosed location on Tuesday, the WikiLeaks founder was replying to a question by TIME managing editor Richard Stengel over the diplomatic cable dump that Assange's organisation loosed on the world this past weekend. Said Assange: 'The law is not what Hillary Clinton says it is.'

8. ABC: Australian complicity in stifling Assange
'Here's a theory, and a plausible one at that. The Gillard government is getting pressure from Washington to close down Wikileaks founder Julian Assange because he is an Australian citizen.'

MADONNA KING: Well what could be a criminal law that possibly could have been breached? I'm just thinking what is the crime here?
ROBERT MCCLELLAND: The crimes potentially relate to the publication of national security sensitive material, in circumstances where that is intentionally done knowing the sensitivity of it. There are other specific offenses relating to the publishing of details concerning certain places and so forth. So they're the sort of issues that the police are looking at.
MADONNA KING: But don't you have a big jurisdictional problem there? The leaks are coming from the United States but that's a crime under Australian law. How do you actually do that?
ROBERT MCCLELLAND: No, you're absolutely right. That's why I said the prime agencies are United States agencies looking at the - that issue. It's United States documentation so we will be focusing on what we can do to assist those. But at the same time I've asked the Australian Federal Police to specifically look at whether any Australian criminal laws have been breached.

9. Harper advisor calls for assassination of Wikileaks director

Do not miss the comments.

Idiots. They think it's funny to incite violence.

I can't believe such an irresponsible ignorant man is a university professor! he is a shame to his faculty and should be fired for cause immediately. If he has Tenure then I guess assasinationg HIM is the only solution!

Mother fucker Tom

10. @clevebag

I can't wait for the UFO edition of #Wikileaks. You think people are losing their shit now...

11. Gonzo Times: PunkJohnnyCash: 'Yes as a matter of fact I do hate the United States'.
'The most frustrating part of dealing with the statist is the blind acceptance of the murder and violent abuse of human beings under the guise of freedom. Just how did mass murder in the middle east keep us safe?'

12. ZD AU: Wikileaks removed from ACMA blacklist
No parts of whistleblower website Wikileaks are now on the Australian blacklist of banned websites, according to the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA).

13. State Daily Press Briefing: It Wasn't Hillary's Fault
Introduction by and Q&A with PJ Crowley.

14. Kristinn to speak at Frontline tonight

15. Guardian: US embassy cables: browse the database
Use our interactive guide to discover what has been revealed in the leak of 250,000 US diplomatic cables. Mouse over the map below to find key stories and a selection of original documents by country, subject or people.

16. @carlmaxim

Sarah Palin says Julian Assange should be hunted down like Osama bin Laden. So he should be safe for at least a decade. #WikiLeaks

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