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7th December

A scrapbook.

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1. Julian Assange on his way to Westminster Magistrates Court today. Note to Swedish journos: there's no such thing as a 'west minister' [sic]. No north south or east ones either.

2. A crowd of lots of different types of people desperately hoping to get a glimpse (or a pic) of the world's most famous person.

3. Mark Stephens and Jennifer Robinson outside the court prior to the hearing. Stephens says everyone's in good spirits etc.

4. Cut to Gothenburg. Marianne Ny sits on her throne behind her protective bench and holds a press conference of her own where she braces everyone beforehand by saying she won't be offering any new information. 5-6 wayward reporters with no late afternoon assignments decided to turn up anyway.

5. You can always tell a liar and you can always see when someone's bluffing. Don't take up poker, Marianne. You're rather shameless as you try to stifle your giggles for national television. Seriously.

6. Another view of the SRO event. She really packs them in.

7. A classic. 'Kiss me you sexy feminist!' Ny's proxy presented new allegations today which Eva Finné couldn't have dismissed - meaning somebody's making something up. The allegations get more fanciful as the months and years go by.

8. An impromptu meet with the diminutive Claes Borgström, good feminist buddy of Marianne Ny.

9. A classic of part of Borgström's nether regions. Dirty old fat man. Be grateful you're not related to him.

10. A view of Borgström's juleljus. Happy Xmas, Clabbe.

11. Borgström with his most convincing courtroom look - the one he used to sell Thomas Quick up the river.

12. Panic outside the WMC as Jules is escorted to his new accomodations.

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