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US Govt Already Pressuring Sweden on Assange Extradition

Remember remember the 7th December.

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LONDON (Radsoft) — Representatives of the US government are already putting pressure on the Swedish government to turn over Julian Assange, according to reports today in the Independent.

The Independent claim to have received this information from their 'diplomatic sources'.


The US justice department are working on charges of 'espionage' provoked not by the Collateral Murder video or the Afghan War Diaries or the Iraq War Logs but because of Cablegate. Rightist freaks have been calling for Assange's head, even going so far as to suggest kidnapping and harming his son in Australia to get to him.

Joe Lieberman suggested Assange was guilty of treason, prompting pundits to wonder if Old Joe had gone mental.

Sources suggested no request for Assange would take place before Sweden had regurgitated him and formal charges were submitted. Marianne Ny, the person responsible for this mess, has nonsensically insisted no such thing will ever take place.

Pundits regard Ny's utterances as either desperately naïve or devilishly disingenuous and her 'giggling' on Swedish television is pushing opinion toward the latter theory.

Julian Assange turned up voluntarily at a British police station yesterday. He was remanded in custody despite almost everyone (and that includes the police) presuming he would be let out on bail. Representatives of the police who seem very supportive of Assange said later they would make sure he had a comfortable stay in stir for the week.


Several British celebrities appeared at the Westminster Magistrates Court to offer support to Assange and to volunteer surety: Tory MP Zac Goldsmith's sister Jemima Khan; famed movie director Ken Loach; renowned journalist John Pilger.

Pilger offered the following to the court.

'I am here today because the charges against him in Sweden are absurd and were judged as absurd by the chief prosecutor there when she threw the whole thing out until a senior political figure intervened.'

But Marianne Ny had a proxy at WMC yesterday: Gemma Lindfield of the 7 Bedford Row barristers. Lindfield outlined five reasons to oppose bail.

  1. Julian's 'nomadic' lifestyle.
  2. Julian's application for asylum in Switzerland.
  3. Access to funding from donors.
  4. His network of international contacts.
  5. His Australian nationality.

Lindfield added the following, appealing to court concern for Assange's 'safety'.

'Any number of people could take it upon themselves to cause him harm. This is someone for whom, simply put, there is no condition, even the most stringent, that would ensure he would surrender to the jurisdiction of this court.'

Marianne was obviously pleased as she's already said she wants to put Assange in solitary confinement with no ability to communicate with the outside world.

Impromptu Charges

Lindfield's outline of the 'charges' against Assange however did start poking holes in the Swedish case - suddenly there were additional charges after all this time and the old charges had evidently undergone 'enhancement and modificaton' in a typical Ardin/Borgström kind of way.

  • Four charges now, not two or three. The intimation of hilarious 'sex by surprise' surfaces again. Lindfield claimed Assange and Wilén had sex whilst one (but only one) of them was asleep. (Presumably the wake one was Assange.)

  • Body weight, arms pinned down. Anna Ardin's story was enhanced and modified. She'd previously admitted to Aftonbladet that no violence or coercion had been involved (but that Assange was a chauvinist pig who didn't know how to take a 'no' from a Swedish feminist for an answer). (It's also known that Ardin under the coaching of Claes Borgström attempted to remove all online data trails showing she was lying. Click here.) This was supposedly to have occurred the morning (only a few hours) before Ardin organised a crayfish party for Assange where she tweeted he was 'simply amazing'.

  • No condom. Again an accusation from 7-step Ardin and again a carefully coached enhancement and modification. There's no longer any mention of a broken condom (or Ardin's reported hysterical paranoid outburst). Now it's just 'I wanted to use a condom but he didn't so we did it consensually without a condom but he forced me' and so forth.

  • 'Deliberate molestation'. Ardin's been seen and heard about Stockholm of late, praising Julian Assange like a true groupie again. And there have been rumours she's one of the witnesses Björn Hurtig plans to call as a witness on Assange's behalf - but then this fanciful new charge, completely unrelated to anything previously contained in the case files. (This 'event' takes place after Wilén contacts Ardin and tells her she's bedded Assange too and the two girls begin planning their revenge.)

  • Spend the night with a freak in Enköping. Sofia Wilén really worked hard to bed Julian Assange. She got an invite to the Ardin gig despite not having press credentials, she sat front row right taking pics of him through his talk, treated him to a computer cable, elbowed her way through his entourage to procure an invite to lunch afterwards, flirted with him over the restaurant's lunch table, took him to a small cinema for a Neptunian short, tried cuddling up with him in the dark, sat with him at Humlegården afterwards whilst he took a 'power nap' before his party with Ardin, commuted back to Stockholm on Monday and waited several hours wandering the city alone to find out if Assange would meet her, propositioned Assange to have sex at a hotel of her choosing, paid his way back to her flat in Enköping instead - which she still formally shared with her 'boyfriend' from the US 'Seth' - and then after Assange supposedly raped her (something they're trying to call 'sex by surprise' today) she went out and bought breakfast for them, cooked it, took him on her bicycle back to the train station so he could return to Stockholm, and then called after him as he walked away: 'but you will ring me won't you?'

An airtight case indeed. But as Claes Borgström's pointed out ad nauseam: 'Neither of he girls are jurists. So they don't know if they've been raped or not. But I do.'

Oh yeah. WMC judge Howard Riddle incorrectly described the charges as 'serious', unaware of how the terms for the supposed crimes are used in an entirely different way in wacky Sweden. But he did add the following.

'If [the allegations] are false, he suffers a great injustice if he is remanded in custody. At this stage in these proceedings, the nature and strength of the allegations is not known.'

And they can't be known either: the terms of a 'red notice' do not require the submitter to provide any evidence whatsoever - anything can be made up as in the current case.

One of Assange's solicitors John Jones had the following to add.

'It is important for the court to be aware of the background to this. Mr Assange has made repeated requests that the allegations against him be communicated to him in a language he understands. That has been ignored by the Swedish prosecutor. Another Swedish prosecutor dropped this case early on for lack of evidence and it was resurrected in Gothenburg rather than Stockholm.'

(Not providing a listing of charges in a language the suspect understands is a violation of EU human rights laws but Marianne Ny has systematically refused to reveal the charges against Assange in any language, despite the illegality. She says it's part of the 'interrogation techniques' she prefers.)

Mark Stephens of Index on Censorship added the following about the court.

'We are incredibly grateful to the judge for making it clear to the prosecutor that he thinks he wants to have a look at the evidence, to make assessments as to whether there is a real risk of conviction or not - because that will make a difference as to whether or not he wants to put him out on bail or not on the next occasion.'

Given that will be the case, Marianne Ny and her buddy Claes Borgström will have to get to work immediately. Expect further changes in the allegations before the entire mess is exposed by the light of day.

The idea Julian Assange's 'Doctor Jekyll' could suddenly turn into a 'Mister Hyde' serial rapist in one week in Sweden with no reports of such behaviour surfacing before or after makes it obvious the 'odd one out' is Sweden - a very odd country.

'It's a persecution, not a prosecution.'
 - Mark Stephens
'Sitting outdoors at 02:00 and hardly freezing with the world's coolest smartest people, it's amazing!'
 - Anna Ardin with Assange after supposedly being molested by him (deleted tweet)
'She can't know if she's been raped - she's not a jurist!'
 - Claes Borgström (currently under investigation by Swedish bar association)

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