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WikiLeaks: Notorious Swedish Tabloid in New Smear Campaign

The best Swedish 'journalists' can manage isn't very good.

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STOCKHOLM (Rixstep) — Tabloids will generally print anything sleazy to get people's attention. The battle is especially difficult in Sweden where gossip journalism literally drenches the citizenry.

But there's a difference between garden variety sleaze and sleaze with a political agenda. And Stockholm's Expressen seems to be practicing the latter again.

It was of course this very same Expressen who blasted out headlines back in the morning of 21 August that Julian Assange was 'hunted' in Stockholm, who elicited an illegal corroboration from prosecutor Maria Kjellstrand, and who then spent the next twelve hours incessantly tweeting on three separate accounts to get their story 'out there'.

The Nick Davies Connection

The Nick Davies article on 'unauthorised' documents sent to his inbox still hasn't got legs. No one's yet picked it up - perhaps because there's very little of substance to it.

Strange then that Expressen of all questionable media companies should be privy to the article - especially when Swedes and their media companies are famously ignorant of what goes on in the world around.

The Expressen article demonstrates two connections to Assange and Davies - both pulled from the same article in the Australian.

The article mentions that Assange has a personal secretary and that he previously had an apprentice volunteer from Oxford University. This to Expressen becomes the equivalent of Assange being a 'dirty old man' and basically having a 'harem'.

Curiously the article also hints at a rift between Davies and Assange and suggesting the rift is connected to Davies' reluctance to work with his colleagues on the embassy cables.

But to Expressen this becomes a sub-header in bold print.

'After his time in prison he's surrounding himself with only his innermost circle with a number of young women.'

But there are no 'number of young women': Icelandic journalist Kristinn Hrafnsson is there and he's definitely not a young woman; there is one 'young woman' who's been Assange's personal assistant for quite some time - and whether she's ever washed his socks is totally immaterial; another close associate on the same level and part of the organisation for as long is - hold on - male. And all is being presided by former British army officer Vaughan Smith who owns the estate.

Implicated Up to Their Eyeballs

The article Expressen cite - along with its contents - makes things look highly suspicious indeed for the Stockholm rag. The choice of Nick Davies was not accidental - he was chosen on the off-chance he'd be negative about WikiLeaks. The article has both the references to Davies and the 'young women' stuff Expressen's 'reporters' were able to spin into a smear.

But Expressen take things one step further, claiming there are 'three witnesses' to what Assange purportedly did with Wilén and Ardin - which must be quite the feat as each of those girls was alone with Assange at the time of the alleged incidents.

But that's a subtlety Expressen's ace journalists are not going to bother pointing out. It's all in the headlines - 'three witnesses can convict Assange' and that's all most people read.

The connection with Davies and the article at the Australian also make Expressen the #1 suspect as the sender of the Davies documents.

The people at Expressen are obviously implicated up to their eyeballs in a malicious smear campaign - all that remains is to uncover why and who's behind it.

If I am able to reveal what I know, everyone will realise this is all a charade. If I could tell the British courts, I suspect it would make extradition a moot point.
 - Björn Hurtig

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