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Sweden Blocking Assange/WikiLeaks Smear Documentary

Can't be shown outside the duck pond - 'legal restrictions'.

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STOCKHOLM (Rixstep) — The Swedish government's carefully orchestrated 'show trial' piece on national television on Thursday evening - already universally condemned in the blogosphere and on Twitter - will not be available for viewing outside Sweden. The official explanation is that there are unspecified 'legal restrictions' that of course won't ever be cited. The real reason of course is the cowardly Swedish government doesn't want the world at large to see what they're up to.

Contempt of Court

Trying tricks like this results in a ruling of 'contempt of court' or even 'mistrial' in most civilised countries. But it's obvious to everyone by now that Sweden can't even spell 'rule of law'.

The 'documentary' may appear in time on YouTube; the Swedish government may then fight Google to have it removed; but already reports are leaking out about what happened.

√ The piece was put together by Oskar Lindell. You can reach Oskar Lindell on Twitter here. He has a second Twitter account that's blocked - it's here. His website is here. Oskar Lindell's buddies with the infamous 'talk about it' mafia.

√ At least one of the managers of the excellent 'WikiRebels' documentary shown earlier is coincidentally out of the country on another assigment.

√ Not a single voice of support for either Assange or WikiLeaks was brought in to comment. The show was littered by every crazy Assange/WikiLeaks hater in the country. And they aren't few in number.

√ The show attacked both Flashback and FSI solicitor Mark Stephens.

√ The insinuation was it's OK for Swedish women to say 'yes' to sex, have regrets afterwards, and then accuse of rape.

√ Notorious Expressen chief editor Thomas Mattsson came on hysterically to ask 'Who's REALLY behind WikiLeaks? Who REALLY runs WikiLeaks? What's their REAL agenda?' Mattsson also had an op-ed ready to run as soon as the show was over, praising it for its 'impartiality'.

√ Disgraced solicitor Claes Borgström gets wide berth to once again act as judge and jury with no one to dispute.

Smearing a Hero

And now to the actual smears used. Note that these can work in the duck pond that is Sweden because the government and the government-controlled media have been running a virtual blackout for the past three quarters of a year. And what's really outrageous here is that these smears aren't twisted truth: they're 'made up' - some of the worst lies ever.

√ Christine and Julian Assange belonged to a secret evil sect.
√ Julian Assange has been arrested 20 times.
√ Julian Assange is a hacker who steals information.
√ Julian Assange can never be rendered to the US.
√ Julian Assange is the real reason Sweden today has represssive legislation such as 'Lex Orwell'.
√ Women never lie; they're always the victims; Julian Assange is a villain.
√ There's no mention of the leaked police documents or what they reveal.
√ The women had a right to say 'no' but it's never admitted they never said it.
√ There's no mention of Anna Ardin's fabulously failed attempts to wipe herself off the Internet or her attacking Sofia Wilén.
√ There's no mention the broken condom has no trace of DNA which more or less convicts Ardin of supplying false evidence.

And so forth.


flashback979 summarises the show.

The 'documentary' was what was expected: more state sponsored smear. All criticism of Sweden and state feminism is dismissed by the claim that women are victims and that Julian Assange by virtue of his being a man is a villain. He can have possibly committed a crime, this despite it being overly clear in the leaked police documents what actually happened, namely that the women never said 'no' and that the groupie was 'half awake' sometime between 09:00 - 11:00 when the final act of sex took place.

And then there was a lot of disinformation and I don't know really where to begin.

- JA belonged to a cult. The Family.
- JA's a hacker - he steals information and publishes it.
- JA's been arrested 20 times by the police in Australia.
- The show's host proclaimed he's 100% convinced JA can't be rendered to the US.
- That's nonsense, the host says. He'll come to Sweden, be acquitted, will go back home.
- 'Lex Orwell' and the increased surveillance and rigged TPB trial in Sweden are JA's fault.
- Never mind that most of that repression happened before JA came on the scene.
- The women had a right to say 'no'! Said the female cohost. But AA/SW never said 'no'.
- They confused the Afghan, Cablegate, and Iraq leaks.
- [Pirate Bay spokesman/gay rights advocate Peter] Sunde said WikiLeaks weren't 'neutral'.
- [Feminist lesbian who hijacked the Pirate Party Anna] Troberg is attacked because she's a woman.

Blah. SVT haven't ever done a good program.

MoLoK comments.

Interesting to know Thomas Mattsson at Expressen is the worst tin foil hat maniac of them all.

'Who's REALLY behind WikiLeaks? Who REALLY runs WikiLeaks? What's their REAL agenda?'


A few points the biased show doesn't cover.

1. Sweden has been repeatedly criticised for long arrest/detention times, by amongst others the European Council's committee on torture and inhumane treatment. Feminist prosecutors have openly admitted that arresting and detaining suspected sex criminals can be used as a form of punishment even if the suspects can't be found guilty, even if they're innocent.

2. A lot of innocent men are wrongfully convicted of rape in our country.

3. Sweden has politically appointed court magistrates. This is not considered rule of law in an international perspective. But we've been blinded to these flaws and see this mischief as completely normal. This gives us a bad reputation as a country of civil rights.

Afterword: What Washes and What Doesn't

Defenders of the dynamic duo who made this smear 'documentary' want to claim the restrictions on viewing the show outside Sweden are beyond their control.

This is an outright prevarication.

The excellent documentary 'WikiRebels' was made in the same building and was released worldwide, not only on SVT's own site but on YouTube as well.

Some programmes purchased from other countries have restrictions; but a show of this relevance can be constructed just like 'WikiRebels' so that it can be viewed internationally.

When there's a will there's a way. Or as the Swedes would say: vill man så kan man. But Oskar Lindell and his partner are currently too busy removing their websites, their Twitter accounts, and their Gowalla accounts to bother with things like that. They certainly didn't care much about it when planning and producing their 'documentary' either.

Closed doors, sealed verdicts, restricted transmissions: welcome to the open democracy that is Sweden.

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