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Assange Affair: Swedish Media Just Doing Their Job

Sweden's feminist mafia at it again.

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STOCKHOLM (Rixstep) — That Expressen's reporters behaved like jackals with the Assange scoop last year: that's something everybody knows.

That Swedish national television transmitted a smear documentary about Julian Assange half a year ago: that's not something everybody knows.

That the above programme was condemned by the national Review Board is something even fewer people know.

But that three members of the Swedish feminist/LGBT/social democrat media elite are trying a new tack in smearing Julian Assange and WikiLeaks - that at last is a news flash.

This all started a few days ago when the employer of convicted felon Niklas Svensson decided to dabble in smear. What Norwegian crazy man murderer Anders Behring Breivik demanded from his custodians was a 'hardcopy' of Wikipedia, not WikiLeaks.

Malicious Intent & Uniquely Swedish Stupidity

Here's where malicious intent and utter, uniquely Swedish stupidity converge so comfortably in the duckpond. For someone at Expressen decided to enjoy the day. And so reported that Breivik demanded a copy of WikiLeaks, not Wikipedia.

The media in Norway - the people who'd one think would first have the story, as it's there ABB is of course being held in custody - now picked up on the Expressen story. And Expressen's bastard sister DN.se scooped the bogus story the same day as the Norwegians.

Flashback's Skarlock was quick to act. He contacted DN.se and had them correct the mistake. Or at least one of them. It was later found they had a 'sidebar' where the error remained. So he wrote again. Then he contacted Expressen, the source of all the misery in the first place.

Expressen's crack reporter admitted she didn't know where she got the source for her article, as she'd just copied everything from the paper edition. Skarlock then suggested she try to track her colleague down, as it's already been proven a mistake.

Oh noes! the reporter told Skarlock. There's no reason to check sources! She told him she fully trusted her colleague.

And now Aftonbladet today. Is it stupidity or is it malicious intent? Or it is just a Swedish meatball mixture of both?

Grilled for 10 Hours

Aftonbladet's hit piece appeared today.


The pertinent part of the article reads as follows.

Anders Behring Breivik was extremely cooperative - except when it came to his accomplices.

'He doesn't want to say anything about it if he doesn't get his main demand met, a very quixotic demand: a complete upheaval of Norwegian society, the Norwegian government must step down, and he is to be given a central role in forming the new government', says his attorney Geir Lippestad immediately after interrogation was concluded for the evening.

Long list of demands

Breivik has earlier submitted a long list of demands he wants carried out before he says anything about possible accomplices.

Amongst other things he's demanded the resignation of the Norwegian military, access to WikiLeaks, and to not eat Halal.

'This is totally quixotic for ordinary people', says Lippestad. 'Some of his demands are more reasonable, like more clothes and a clock.'

Who's Behind It

That the Swedish media mafia jump on every opportunity to smear Julian Assange and WikiLeaks is hardly a news flash. The Swedes' own state-owned, taxpayer-financed television let a direct attack slip through their fingers in prime time half a year ago. But that Sweden's excuse for journalists could be this cheesy - who could have known?

Thanks again to Skarlock and his Flashback colleagues, we now know a bit more about this dandy trio. Just to point out before the show starts: the article in question has three names on it, the article in question is a walloping 441 words, meaning the trio really broke out into a sweat, writing an average of 147 (one hundred forty seven) words each. No wonder they have such long holidays and so many rest homes for the mentally weary in Sweden!

OK. Now to the backgrounds of these three ridiculous people. For Skarlock found a blog post from December last year by Flashback colleague Old Wolf, himself a retired journalist.


Should we be worried or should we crack jokes about what Aftonbladet's doing? I'm of course referring to the fact that the prosecution authority and the police in Sweden are leaking like a sieve. The latest is that selected parts of the preliminary investigation are leaking to the Guardian and Verdens Gang. Strangely enough not to Swedish media, or maybe they prefer scooping foreign sources.

The irony that Julian Assange is the victim of leaks and is annoyed by it happening with Aftonbladet is perhaps not so strange, inasmuch as the article is written by Linda Hjérten. She's written another article in the same newspaper about #prataomdet. She has a very personal view of the matter. That's OK in a personal column but definitely not OK in a news report.

She's allied herself with the feminist mafia, the mafia that brings the cold winds to our country, winds colder still than those brought on by winter and temperatures of nearly 20 below zero.

Yep, says Skarlock, Linda Hjérten is part of the Swedish Rape Industrial Complex and one of the engineers behind #prataomdet. It's no wonder she's smeared Julian Assange and WikiLeaks in that article. And it goes to show what latent criminality hides out amongst the journalists at Aftonbladet.

What do we do now? Do we call in Anonymous? The editor in chief of Aftonbladet is a notorious idiot, so there's no point in discussing the matter with him.

The second 'journalist' contributing 147 words to the article is Josefin Berglund, who according to this thread has been bonked by Expressen's convicted felon Niklas Svensson. And Andreas Victorzon is part of the Swedish social democrat mafia.

'They're all corrupted media pigs', says Skarlock. 'Those journalists are very up to date about Assange, #prataomdet, the Social Democrats, etc. This seems to have been a conscious choice.'

'Or they could just be idiots! There's never been a connection between Breivik and WikiLeaks. It's not OK to be uneducated and uninformed just because you call yourself a Swedish journalist!'

You Can Help!

As Skarlock is war-weary after fighting the idiots the last time around, why don't you, dear readers, take to your pointing devices and send them a love letter of your own? Just click each of the addresses in turn, paste in the text, and send away.

To: linda.hjerten@aftonbladet.se, andreas.victorzon@aftonbladet.se, josefin.berglund@aftonbladet.se


We've been informed that your article is in error.


Anders Behring Breivik did not demand a copy of WikiLeaks. He demanded a copy of Wikipedia.

We're looking forward to seeing you correct this. There have been some ugly rumours about you having a hidden agenda or else being downright stupid, and we're sure you appreciate the urgency of correcting this mistake before more people get the wrong idea about you.

This incessant stalking of Assange by the Swedish media is getting a bit tiresome. Soon he'll be used as often as their references to the Third Reich.
 - MoLoK

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