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The Swedish Duckpond: A Life in Isolation

'Quiet lives of boring desperation.'

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THE DUCKPOND (Rixstep) — Let's face it: if George Bernard Shaw were to live in Sweden, he'd have to rephrase his famous maxim.

'Most Swedes live boring lives of quiet desperation.'

Sweden is totally isolated from the rest of the world. Few things get out, even fewer things get in. This might have been fine in the days of the Cold War, but today Sweden is a part of the European community, and increasingly a very playful ally of NATO and the US.

Swedes are easily second best in Europe at mastering the English language. Yet they categorically eschew the international media even if that's the only way to stay abreast of things. They prefer their tabloid rags such as Expressen (pictured below) which truthfully aren't even good enough to be used as toilet paper.

But of course it was this same filthy rag who ran with the ball without obeying the rules when they heard of Anna Ardin's treachery in the police station 20 August 2010.

There are a lot of exciting things going on in the world right now. These things can give people hope. Barring anything else, they help relieve the boredom. But Swedes can't even have that.

Welcome to the Duckpond. Turn off your engine, remain in your car, and just sit there and wait for the sunrise. PS. It's winter and the days are shorter so be patient.

Stories from Expressen 16 October 2011, all above the token mention of #OccupyWallStreet which occurs past the fold - more than halfway down the page. (All readers get are clips from YouTube - no actual articles.)

Noomi Rapace and how well she knows Robert Downey, fraudster drives fake ambulance, a new law for social democrat Juholt, the Färjestad hockey team, hockey referees on increasingly violent behaviour, arrested for chopping down a tree, cabinet minister for 10 days, boy shot in drug war, beauty tips by Kristina Norman, pictures of our pets, where to take your holiday in the sun, two people shot outside Östersund, new computerised pinball games, Larry Hagman diagnosed with cancer, how much do you know about hard rock, 19 tips for better health, the life of Britney Spears.

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