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Assange Flees Ellingham?

That's what Owen Bowcott of the Guardian is claiming.

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LONDON (Rixstep) — Not to accuse the Grauniad of ever distorting or misrepresenting or skewing the truth, but today at 19:35 UTC they published a story claiming Julian Assange has left Norfolk. A screen dump of the pertinent section of the article by Owen Bowcott is found below.

No Explanations

Julian Assange has been living under strict house arrest as arranged by the High Court one year ago. Getting a court to change his bail conditions should have led to quite a few newspaper headlines, given the British media's hunger for even the tiniest morsel of trivia in the ongoing WikiLeaks saga.

But nothing here. Only that Vaughan Smith's wife is eight months pregnant, that WikiLeaks staff are tumbling out of the cupboards, and that Julian upset the status quo a few months back by (temporarily) liberating a few pigs on the estate.

The Grauniad's reputation for truth, accuracy, and ethics in journalism has been dealt a severe blow this past year with their blowout with WikiLeaks, but this would be taking things a step too far even for the likes of Davies, Ball, Brooke, and Leigh.

Yet no explanation is offered by Bowcott and no other news agencies are corroborating at time of writing, much less offering any more detail.

The Grauniad screen dump:

OK Folks! 'Twas Only the Grauniad!

The Crown Prosecution Service of the United Kingdom have their own blog, and they updated their blog yesterday and included the full terms of Julian Assange's bail, and those terms have not changed, and they don't include doing a runner across the English countryside with a Serco ankle tag. Of course not.

The Supreme Court has granted permission to Julian Assange to appeal and a hearing has been scheduled for two days, beginning on 1 February 2012. His current bail arrangements will remain in force.

If the ECHR takes the case then his current bail conditions would remain in force and he would remain in the UK until the proceedings at the ECHR have concluded.

Meanwhile, Owen Bowcott's egregious piece from yesterday evening has not been modified nor has the celebrated Bowcott been active on his Twitter feed for the past fifteen hours.

Whether it's tossing wine in the face of Australian journalists, or taking on airs as an international leopard-skinned vamp of renown, or playing Charlie McCarthy in the lap of a senior editor in an attempt to stick antisemitism on the WikiLeaks founder, or deliberately misleading the readership as to the procedure involved in obtaining Cablegate, the Grauniad - who got their epithet long ago because they couldn't spell too good - seem to have emerged in 2011 as the news losers of the year.

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