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RT, Assange Splash Land in Sweden

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DUCKPOND (Rixstep) — News of the RT syndication of the Quickroll Productions interview series starring Julian Assange has even reached the North Korea of the North, the banana republic known as Country of Sweden™. And it's made quite the splash.

The Finland mouthpiece news site HBL led with the headline 'WikiLeaks-Assange Gets His Own Show in Kremlin TV'.

The Swedish government mouthpiece IDG led with the deceptively innocent headline 'Julian Assange to be Talk Show Host' and then got down to it with the following.

Julian Assange is suspected of one count of rape, two counts of sexual molestation, and one count of unlawful coercion in Sweden. A warrant for his arrest was issued in November 2010 and he was later caught by the British police.'

And IDG in Sweden is part of the international network specialising in computer-related news.

Swedish state television SVT, the mouthpiece of prime minister Fredrik Reinfeldt who in turn is the mouthpiece of disgraced dirty trickster Karl Rove, led with the story 'Julian Assange Starts His Own TV Show' and then swooped down for the punchline.

[Assange] is however notorious today for several reasons. A warrant for his arrest was issued by Sweden in November 2010, suspected of one count of rape, two counts of sexual molestation, and one count of unlawful coercion. He was later caught in Great Britain.

Expressen led a day earlier with 'Julian Assange Hosts TV Show' where they quickly point out Assange is a hunted criminal more notorious than Ned Kelly.

So not as much allergic reaction to RT as in the Luke Harding international media. And for good reason: communists have always been acceptable and house trained in the Land of Absolut™.

  Classic leaders of Sweden's communist party. The woman in the middle, Gudrun Schyman, is still a communist.

Communism only went out of vogue when Gorby ended the Cold War. The party's old name - Leftist Party Communists - was changed to simply Leftist Party. Some of the party leaders have been quite revered and respected. Others such as the notorious Gudrun Schyman not so much so.

Mumble Mumble Freddy R!

PM Fredrik Reinfeldt guested his own mouthpiece radio station yesterday to answer questions from the citizenry he's been so successful at screwing over. After a long battle with a hospitalised Swede who discovered he was paying more taxes now than back in the good old days when he was healthy and still at work, it was time for the evening's guest star - the psychotic Carina Rydberg, Sweden's poster child for pharma much the way Adrian Lamo is in the US.

Readers of this site will know Rydberg from this article and this article, amongst others.

Rydberg's the one who:

  • pens novels about girls who stuff bloodied foetuses in each other's school lockers, which judging from reader reviews is something even Swedes can't stomach;
  • although professedly straight heterosexual, still for some inexplicable reason can't find a man of her own;
  • has been complaining all her tax-funded grants to write and pop psychotropic drugs are finally running out;
  • proclaimed it was effrontery to womankind that Julian Assange not be kept at Wandsworth over the holiday season.

And so the fetching Carina Rydberg had a question or two for the Swedish PM. She wanted to 1) know the deal on that 'temporary surrender' that's so talked about today; and 2) lament that Sweden today is regarded as the 'North Korea of the North'.

Fredrik Reinfeldt, mouthpiece for himself and thereby the US Republican Party, concurred with Carina that people for some unfathomable reason regard their lovely country today as a banana republic - and then went on to say absolutely nothing of any import about 'temporary surrender' - this totally out of character for that mouthpiece of Reinfeldt's brain who otherwise specialises in never having to apologise for errors because he's so versed in 'the facts'.

Reinfeldt kept studiously to his artificial mezzo-baritone drawl but really struggled to find the wrong words.

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