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Assange in Sweden: The Longbow Six (Introduction)

Some things don't otherwise add up. And who fooled who?

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DUCKPOND (Rixstep) — In the interim whilst waiting for the UK Supreme Court hearings now this Wednesday, Flashbacker longbow4y has gone back to the documents in the case of Assange versus Sweden and studied them again - and in detail. He's also correlated the events of August 2010 with other events earlier that year and looked into 'political connections'.

His original lengthy post was removed by the moderators at Flashback, no explanation given. So he posted again, this time dividing it all into six separate parts.

All those concerned and interested now took the time to make their own copies. What follows is a translation of those six posts, presented without commentary.


Some background is in order as these posts use a lot of acronyms and describe people and events that might not be familiar to the international reader.

  • SW - Sofia Wilén. One of the complainants in the case. Called 'cashmere girl' and 'random girl' by Anna Ardin. Wilén had no connection to any political party, to the brotherhood, or to WikiLeaks. She claimed she'd only heard about Assange a fortnight earlier.
  • AA - Anna Ardin. The other complainant in the case. Ardin was active in the social democrats and was press secretary for the 'brotherhood', an obscure 'christian left' organisation in the party. She was also the WikiLeaks press secretary for Assange's visit to Sweden. She was later relieved of her duties with the brotherhood, and only days ago reinstated after being out in the cold for more than a year - something that caused renewed speculation at Flashback.
  • PW - Peter Weiderud. Head of the 'brotherhood' and in that capacity a member of the board of the social democrats and their executive committee.
  • SAP - Sveriges socialdemokratiska arbetareparti. The social democrats. AA, PW, IK, CB, and many more are members of this party. SAP are all over the Assange case almost to the exclusion of any other party in Sweden.
  • FUP - förundersökningsprotokoll. The police preliminary investigation. See below (HäPM). Click here for the English translation of the documents in the Assange case.
  • HäPM - häktningspromemoria. The detention memo. The name for a 'FUP' (preliminary investigation protocol) once things have advanced to the stage a prosecutor takes over. Click here for the English translation of the documents in the Assange case.
  • EF - Eva Finné. The chief prosecutor who was in the process of closing the case against Assange when political forces arrested control from her.
  • MN - Marianne Ny. The west coast prosecutor called in after chief prosecutor Eva Finné started closing the case against Assange.
  • CB - Claes Borgström. High ranking member of the social democrats who took on AA and SW as clients when the case against Assange was being dropped. His petition to reopen the case got Marianne Ny involved.
  • EAW - European Arrest Warrant. Marianne Ny petitioned the Stockholm district court on 18 November 2010 to process the arrest warrant for Assange as an EAW.
  • IK - Irmeli Krans. Long time friend of Anna Ardin. The policewoman who interrogated Sofia Wilén 20 August 2010. Krans redacted the police file on Wilén once it became known that part of case had been closed by Eva Finné.
  • HU - Harald Ullman. High ranking member of the social democrats. Also sits on the board of the Stockholm police. Chastised Irmeli Krans online after her outbursts on Facebook. Today head of PR in Sweden for Julian Assange.
  • Expo - a Swedish radical left wing website and publication known for an aggressive combativeness.
  • Ship to Gaza 2010 - an abortive operation by the brotherhood to break an Israeli blockade in the spring of 2010. Several people lost their lives in the operation. Peter Weiderud was one of the coordinators and Anna Ardin was the official press contact.
  • Mossad - Israel's feared intelligence agency, regarded by many as the best in the world.

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