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Assange in Sweden: The Longbow Six (Part Three)

Some things don't otherwise add up. And who fooled who?

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DUCKPOND (Rixstep) — In the interim whilst waiting for the UK Supreme Court hearings now this Wednesday, Flashbacker longbow4y has gone back to the documents in the case of Assange versus Sweden and studied them again - and in detail. He's also correlated the events of August 2010 with other events earlier that year and looked into 'political connections'.

His original lengthy post was removed by the moderators at Flashback, no explanation given. So he posted again, this time dividing it all into six separate parts.

All those concerned and interested now took the time to make their own copies. What follows is a translation of those six posts, presented without commentary.

Part Three

Of all the main players in the HäPM, both PW and CB are high ranking in S (social democrats). AA was on her way up. IK was an S candidate in the elections. HU who is now JA's PR guy is still strong in the party.

From 2010-11-18 (day of EAW):

'The original workers party now has to change to survive. We need new leadership, people with experience both from the world of commerce and the world of politics. Why not the head of the 'Metall' union Stefan Löfven who has considerable experience with international competition?'


[Note: The above is an article written by HU where he nominates Stefan Löfven. Stefan Löfven was just chosen as leader this past week.]

Harald seems to know things. And do you recognise the date? Oh yeah!

'18 November 2010: Marianne Ny arrests Julian Assange in absentia.'

JA was invited by an organ of the party - the brotherhood. So there is a strong connection to the SAP. Whether they want one or not.

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