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Assange in Sweden: The Longbow Six (Part Six)

Some things don't otherwise add up. And who fooled who?

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DUCKPOND (Rixstep) — In the interim whilst waiting for the UK Supreme Court hearings now this Wednesday, Flashbacker longbow4y has gone back to the documents in the case of Assange versus Sweden and studied them again - and in detail. He's also correlated the events of August 2010 with other events earlier that year and looked into 'political connections'.

His original lengthy post was removed by the moderators at Flashback, no explanation given. So he posted again, this time dividing it all into six separate parts.

All those concerned and interested now took the time to make their own copies. What follows is a translation of those six posts, presented without commentary.

Part Six

AA changed her tune already Wednesday 18 August. According to AA, this was JA's doing. From the FUP with DB:

DB: If they've talked about this together... But I don't think so because, what you might want to arrive at is that gradually during that week, towards Wednesday and after that I think, so Anna says, I want him to move she tells me. Yeah but then tell him I tell her. And then she says it, yeah but I've told him she says but he doesn't want to move. And then I confronted him with that.

FV: Confronted Julian?

DB: Confronted Julian, the thing about moving, Anna says she wants you to move, she tells he she's asked you. And again he's surprised and says she hasn't said a word she says, he says.

But according to the
HäPM it wasn't until Friday that SW contacted AA about what happened in Enköping. From the docs:

'Afterwards Anna rang Petra on Friday 20 August when the other girl had just contacted Anna.'

So AA altered her Weltanshauung on Wednesday or Thursday at the latest if the testimony is correct - at any rate before SW contacted her again.

So what made AA change her mind before she spoke with SW?

I think there's a connection with the party. The SAP had a cleaner job to take care of after the invite sent to Julian. When the reality of Realpolitik kicked in with the party leadership, high ranking members reacted. They were more or less in a panic the weeks before the national elections. So AA was tasked with getting JA out of the connection with the SAP - or even better out of the country in case they won the election.

The irony here is that the connection to the SAP became more visible instead. PW, AA, CB, IK and now even HU are all active and have good contacts in the party leadership.

This is my opinion:

An intelligence agency that wanted to get at JA also wanted to get at the brotherhood because of their Ship to Gaza, and they used SW as a means to create a situation. A situation to set up JA but also set up the brotherhood. They found the invite to JA when they started looking at the brotherhood. That's why SW was so quick with her request to attend the seminar.

AA became the perfect useful idiot. SW was the planned honey trap. But events took a different twist. The case was so weak that they were forced to get both of them to go to the police station to get the police to file the charges. That's why the delay between the events and the visit to the police.

SAP convinced AA. SW was compensated financially and given Internet anonymity.

Their visit to the police set everything in motion.

SAP were tricked in their naivety to act.

JA is of course the big loser, but I think that even AA and SW are losers here. And even the SAP leadership who were so easily fooled with such simple tricks.

So where do Expo and Mona fit in the picture? Mona demonstrates a unique ability, by always being amenable, to trip up over her own feet and in the long run work against her own interests and those of the party she represents. So I think the decision to use AA to get JA out of the country was made by Mona Sahlin. After being pressured by (for example) people at Expo who regarded JA as principally antisemitic. These are people Mona still consults to this day.

And that's why AA is back in the brotherhood: they finally figured out who fooled who.

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