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Duckpond Boys Freed in Big Apple

Case expedited in radical fashion.

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NEW YORK (Rixstep) — Remember these two Swedish chaps? They were busted 18 days ago in the Big Apple. They were accused of sexual molestation. They pleaded their innocence. And now 18 days later they've been freed - there was no evidence.

But Julian Assange is still under house arrest going on 450 (four hundred fifty) days.

No evidence there either. But what a difference.

No Evidence is No Evidence

The case against Julian Assange in Sweden is like a bad Hitchcock movie. You come to a quiet sleepy country where everything seems peaceful and innocent and suddenly... You try to make it out of town and the first road sign you see says 'city limits five kilometres ahead'. Then the next road sign says 'city limits ten kilometres ahead'. And so forth.

There is no evidence in the Assange case. Period. The case was closed down within 24 hours by a chief prosecutor. Then Claes Borgström and Marianne Ny got in the picture.

Anna Ardin produced false evidence so they could reopen the case - what Anna Ardin did was a felony.

And yet the case continues into its 450th day of house arrest and months more harassment before that.

The Big Apple might be dangerous but the system works. Not so in Sweden where corruption is rampant.

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