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Assange Case: The 'Smoking Gun'

And a 'big surprise' in the offing?

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STOCKHOLM/WASHINGTON/LONDON (Rixstep) — For those who wondered if it could really be true that the Swedish charade with Julian Assange was really about getting him into US custody: worry no longer. It is. Former UK ambassador Craig Murray revealed all last night.

This is the 'smoking gun' everyone was waiting for.

Craig Murray returned to the UK just over a week ago and was immediately contacted by a 'very senior official' with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office who was very concerned. The official had been made privy to an imminent attempt by the British to storm the embassy of Ecuador in London.

Murray's colleague went on to say that the British government knew they had to act quickly before Ecuador announced their decision to grant Julian Assange asylum.

The British diplomatic service didn't like the idea one bit.

So Murray asked his colleague how the FCO could push for such lunacy. The answer was straightforward and frank.

The United States came with the proposition, and exerted 'political pressure' on both Hague and Cameron.

This pressure by the US overrode the legitimate concerns of the country's diplomats.

The Smoking Gun

Could Sweden have deliberately kept Julian Assange tagged in England for two years for this? Didn't Fred Burton of Stratfor brag that the US already had a 'sealed indictment' on Julian Assange? Didn't Swedish prosecutor Marianne Ny and Swedish minister for foreign affairs Carl Bildt continually lie to the media (and Jennifer Robinson) about why they hadn't used Mutual Legal Assistance to talk to Julian Assange?

Hadn't Julian Assange waited patiently for five weeks in Sweden in an effort to clear his name? Hadn't Marianne Ny issued a 'secret' warrant for Julian Assange only hours before his scheduled departure from the country 27 September 2010 - a warrant that somehow mysteriously never reached airport authorities in nearly four hours even as his luggage was stolen from behind the Lufthansa counter?

Hadn't Julian Assange been warned that Marianne Ny was planning to ambush him on his return to Sweden in October to talk at another conference?

It's 'tinfoil' no longer.

And haven't authorities in the US continually and repeatedly ad nauseam insisted they're not interested in Julian Assange, even as they continue to torture his supposed whistleblower in an effort to make him 'grass' on Julian Assange?

And don't the FBI now have a case file on Julian Assange that runs to 42,135 pages?

And these governments, suspected of the most heinous war crimes by virtue of WikiLeaks revelations, want people to believe that they have no interest in Julian Assange, no interest in making him an example to scare off future whistleblowers?

This isn't 'tinfoil'. Not any longer.

The 'Big Surprise'?

The WikiLeaks Twitter feed announced yesterday evening that there'd be a 'big surprise' in the Swedish case. So far it hasn't been coming (unless the reference was to Murray's statement). Two possibilities still remain.

  1. Kristinn Hrafnsson is to speak in Sweden today.
  2. Baltasar Garzón is to speak in Brisbane Australia.

And now there's speculation they might have company. In the person of one Sofia Wilén.

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