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Sweden's Merchants of Hatred

Methylphenidate and ethanlol are evidently a winner combination.

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GÖTEBORG (Rixstep) — Sweden held their annual do for investigative journalists in the west coast 'crown' city of Gothenburg on 8 March, ending with a moderated 'late night' panel discussion that got out of control by Swedish standards. Tempers erupted and suddenly everybody was talking about it and carrying on, with ramifications and repercussions back to Julian Assange.

Special guest at the discussion was author and extreme feminist Maria Sveland who that very day had released her new book 'Hatred'. Known in disparate circles as herself being a merchant of hatred, Sveland is protected by Robert Aschberg, himself at the event, and is also contributor to Aschberg's EXPO organisation that ostensibly tries to fight prejudice, but often ends up bludgeoning those with different opinions.

She's also 'runner' for Sweden's infamous hooligan Martin Fredriksson who has a habit of beating up and burning down people and things disagreeing with Maria and/or getting in her ideological way.

It should be pointed out right from the start that these people in no way represent the overwhelming majority of people in Sweden. Most people are clueless when it comes to what these people in this 'elite' stand for. But whether in the minority or not, these people still control the political agenda in Sweden, and are therefore capable of making the persecution of select hate objects like Julian Assange a reality.

Flashback got into the game early and revived an old thread based on the maxim of contributor 'espressino': that most if not all of the 'haters' have a history of mental illness. The thread's augmented list of 'haters' is provided below for international readers.

As mentioned, Maria Sveland is known for using Martin Fredriksson to build a growing database on people who disagree with her. She sends Fredriksson out to photograph people at demonstrations she doesn't approve of, and they then identify the people and build files on them. Her work has been compared - in quality if not in quantity - to that of East Germany's Stasi.

Maria is Politically Depressed

Maria Sveland says the political climate in Sweden leaves her 'politically depressed'. No clarification is given of whether this is to be considered a typical clinical depression or instead a milder and less critical kind. Her first book was called 'Bitter Cunt', and her latest book, called 'Hatred' and released the same day as the Gothenburg conference, takes pot shots at Julian Assange, belittling the WikiLeaks founder for 'fleeing the country to the UK' when the likelihood, according to Sveland, of actually being prosecuted for tearing a condom is statistically negligible.

Maria Sveland is not exactly known for her fact-checking, and her appearance at a conference for investigative journalists is therefore all the more bizarre, but to miss the simple fact that Julian Assange never 'fled' Sweden to the UK but in fact had the UK as his home base all along, was only on a temporary visit to Sweden when two girls too many took a sexual interest in him, and to also miss the fact that he stayed on in Sweden after things hit the fan much longer than originally planned, all in an effort to clear things up and clear his name, to miss the fact that he didn't even travel first to the UK anyway, and to also miss the fact that he only balked at returning when told of Marianne Ny's secret plans for a surprise party - that's not only unforgivable and beneath journalistic standards in any country or culture, it's also something for which Maria Sveland more or less holds her own patent.

Three Women, Three Men

Three women and three men sat onstage for the 'late night' Gothenburg discussion in comfortable sofas and chairs. Most of the audience - and perhaps members of the panel as well - were already properly 'under the influence'. Their bar was to remain open until midnight.

Present for the discussion was the legendary investigative journalist Janne Josefsson - a real investigative journalist, one of a dying breed in Sweden - who at some point felled the now immortal comment that some of the feminists present were very much fascists as well. Josefsson has since gone on to tell the media that he in no way regrets the comment, and in fact stands by it - something that got the 'silent majority' of the Swedish nation to yelp with ecstatic glee.

And then towards the end of the hour, up comes Sofia Mirjamsdotter, friend of Anna Ardin and recipient of an award for helping to start the Assange hate campaign 'talk about it', to grab a microphone. Mirjamsdotter, who admits she suffers from ADHD and takes medication to counteract it, was visibly inebriated, a known result of injudiciously mixing her prescription with alcohol.


Mirjamsdotter protests how her dear friend Maria Sveland is being 'belittled' by the other members of a 'woman-hating' panel that includes her own boss. The moderator, a woman, is aghast - how has this happened? she asks. Here we are, three men and three women, how has the charming Sveland been 'belittled'?

'Well you guys are up there carrying on with your chummy old media elite banter', mutters the Mirjamsdotter. 'Why don't we ask the audience?' she says, turning around.

'Do you find this exhibition of hatred towards women entertaining?'

Nary a response can be heard. Then one of the panelists, evidently tired of Mirjamsdotter's drunken rhetoric, mumbles something and the audience cheer.

Whereupon an organiser of the event comes on stage and declares the discussion at an end - but hastens to point out the bar is still open!

All of which doesn't sound like a lot. As someone commented: 'what else do you do in a country like Sweden where people already have most of everything they need?'

But of course there's quite a lot there - a lot lot more.

Gräv13 (Dig13)

Flashback started a discussion of the wild event yesterday morning. Their original attempt to initiate a discussion was removed, most likely by a 'politically correct' moderator who thought such discussion was 'inappropriate'. But it was started again, and this time it was not removed.

Janne Josefsson is immediately applauded in the thread.


And an eyewitness account by one Joakim Lamotte is immediately linked.

Gubbslem och genusjox

The debate of the decade has just taken place at Gräv 2013 (the annual seminar of the Association of Investigative Journalists). During my years at SVT Debatt I've rarely seen anything like it.

The panel are: Maria Sveland, Janne Josefsson, Britt-Marie Mattson, Täppas Fogelberg and Robert Aschberg.

Things start with Maria Sveland telling Janne Josefsson that 'SVT Debatt' is Sweden's worst television programme, and with Robert Aschberg stating that all the gender talk is generally blown out of proportion. Janne Josefsson confronts Sveland with the challenge of whether one can believe in democracy and at the same time practice her motto: 'dare to refuse to debate'.

Suddenly the women in the audience stand up and start shouting at Janne Josefsson. He stands up too, and holds a speech about the importance of daring to debate.

I can see how the veins in the foreheads of the women sitting around me are ready to pop. They're bouncing up and down. One of them runs up to the stage and grabs a microphone.

'Do you think this is worthy of women's day 8 March 2013 to have Maria Sveland part of a debate and be oppressed by three male slime balls?'

The women around me begin chanting loudly in unison.

'Slime balls! Slime balls! Slime balls!'

Panelist Britt-Marie Mattsson, a seasoned reporter in town, responds to the woman with the microphone.

'Don't you dare belittle me! Don't you even try!'

The woman with the microphone turns to an audience now in pure ecstasy.

'Do you find this exhibition of hatred towards women entertaining?'

And I'm standing there with my eyes popping. And I can't really find words for what I'm witnessing. And things are unraveling all over the place, but yeah sure - it's definitely entertaining!

Personally I think that debates that affect people this deeply can never be wrong. When people scream out their opinions in falsetto, you know they're genuine. When Janne Josefsson turns every shade of red, clenches his fist, and dares to not swim with the other fish in the school and along with the current, you know it's genuine.

And as for Maria Sveland, I've a suspicion that right now she's lying in her bed at her hotel, covering her head with a pillow of shame, and thinking:

'Geez. I should have gone on SVT Debatt instead.'

It's All In Who You Know

Maria Sveland has been repeatedly given a highly uncommon chunk of media real estate in Sweden where she can spew her politics of hatred, and it's only because of a little birdie writing to this website earlier today that one now knows why. For five pages for one op-ed is of course extraordinary, not to say unheard of. But that's the kind of special treatment Sveland's been getting up to now.

The unmarried and unattached 38 year old Maria Karolina Sveland, as it turns out, is actually registered as living together with an 88 year old woman. And that woman is Marianne Herlitz. And Marianne Herlitz is the mother of the current CEO of the same news organisation - Bonnier's DN.se - that gleefully gives Sveland a whole five pages to ramble about political depression and hatred.

Sweden's a small country in so many ways. It's always about who you know.

  • The drunken woman who Joakim Lamotte saw grab a microphone was Sofia Mirjamsdotter.
  • Sofia Mirjamsdotter is a friend of Anna Ardin's.
  • Sofia Mirjamsdotter is also one of the two engineers of the 'talk about it' (#prataomdet) campaign designed to thwart Julian Assange's bid to get bail to get out of Wandsworth in December 2010.
  • The 'talk about it' campaign was set up to look like a 'grassroots' campaign but was actually orchestrated by a public relations firm in Sweden.
  • All the Swedish media were hit with articles on the same day - a Monday, the day it's easiest to get pieces printed.
  • The other organiser of 'talk about it' is already on staff at the same DN.se where Maria Sveland gets to publish her five page op-eds and where Peter Danowsky is head legal adviser.
  • Peter Danowsky's spouse is Lotti Helström, a doctor who was outed for fabricating fake rape certificates.
  • DN.se investigative journalist Stefan Lisinsky had begun looking into the Helström affair but was later silenced.
  • Danowsky's also infamous for badgering witnesses in the trial of The Pirate Bay, as well as for his part in coordinating a raid on the ISP Bahnhof, a raid approved by lower court magistrate Tomas Norström who would later preside over the trial of The Pirate Bay.
  • Danowsky's associate Henrik Pontén used an infiltrator to plant false evidence supplied by Danowsky's clients - US media companies - who wanted their video films and games to be 'discovered' on confiscated Bahnhof servers.

And so forth.

It's all in who you know.

The Mentally Disturbed Swedish Media Elite

Back to Sofia Mirjamsdotter who four years ago admitted to suffering from ADHD.


But this open admission from September 2009 got the Flashbackers thinking: with so many of the others in the media elite and 'talk about it' campaign openly admitting they're suffering from mental aberrations/disorders/illnesses, what do the media elite of Sweden actually look like?

And so a thread that began back in November 2012 was revisited. Thread starter 'Mr.Goat' assembled the first list.


Now the list is mostly complete.

Susanna Alakoski, Anna Ardin, Lisa Bjurwald, Natashja Blomberg, Simon Fors, Hanna Fridén, Elin Grelsson, Isobel Hadley-Kamptz, Hanna Hellquist, Johanna Koljonen, Anna Laestadius Larsson, Johanna Langhorst, Emerentia Leifsdotter Lund, Åsa Linderborg, Mian Lodalen, Tove Lundin, Lisa Magnusson, Katarina Mazetti, Sofia Mirjamsdotter, Stina Oscarson, Alexandra Pascalidou, Maria Robsahm, Joanna Rytel, Linda Skugge, Malin Stenman, Marteus Stenman, Maria Sveland, Sofia Thermaenius, My Vingren, Cissi Wallin, Jenny Wennberg, Kawa Zolfagary.

Not everyone on the above list is female. All are naturally 'state feminists', even though some of them have additional 'agendas'. Two on the list - Fors and Zolfagary - have openly advocated the assassination of a Swedish journalist they don't like. Several of the others have been written up at this site because of their wildly bizarre behaviour. Many of those on the list were instrumental in the 'talk about it' campaign. Fors and Grelsson have openly discussed their mental abberrations/disorders/illnesses on Twitter.

And so forth. The mentally disturbed Swedish media elite.

Remember That Crayfish Party?

Remember that crayfish party Julian Assange attended back in the summer of 2010?

Peter Weiderud, head of the 'Brotherhood' that invited Julian Assange to Sweden, sat at a lunch table on the afternoon of 14 August 2010, together with Julian Assange, journalists Donald Boström and Johannes Wahlström, Anna Ardin, and Sofia Wilén. And he suggested during the course of their meal that Julian be treated to a typical Swedish crayfish party. So Anna Ardin began tapping away at her cellphone to organise a party to be held in the courtyard in back of her flat that very evening.

Amongst those invited and present were:

  1. Rick Falkvinge, head of the Pirate Party, who'd arranged for Julian's accommodations from that day forward.
  2. Anna Troberg, also of the Pirate Party.
  3. Donald Boström, freelance photographer and reporter who helped manage Julian's visit.
  4. Johannes Wahlström, freelance journalist who was liaison for Julian's visit.
  5. Kajsa Borgnäs, officer of the Social Democrat party and friend of Anna Ardin. Ardin was to take Borgnäs aside that evening and 'offer' Julian to her, despite Borgnäs already living with a relatively wealthy German in an exclusive part of Stockholm. Borgnäs, who enjoyed an 'upper crust' household income, would later be arrested for shoplifting books from a bookstore, and tell the police in her defence that it was hard to get by on only a student grant.
  6. Alexandra Franzén, Borgnäs' companion for the evening, most recently attached to the Swedish embassy in Ankara, who startled everyone later by standing up to proclaim 'this time it's OK - but next year there'll be no men at our party!'

It was of course at this party - the day after she'd later claim she'd been brutally assaulted by a man who was not violent, who forced her to have consensual sex - that Anna Ardin was to tweet euphorically:

'Sitting outdoors at 02:00 and hardly freezing with the world's coolest smartest people, it's amazing! #fb'

The question on everyone's lips is: what would Julian have been thinking? Could he possibly have had a remote inkling of what a snake pit he'd stumbled into?

And what would he have said, had he been able to attend and follow the discussion at the conference in Gothenburg?

An Invitation to a Seminar

Our first seminar of our spring term will be about so-called feminist cunt-activism, the goal of which is to exalt female genitalia in particular and the female body in general. This method of understanding cunt-carrying bodies suggests a view of the cunt associated with primordial ideas of femininity. The theme for this discussion will be how trans-feminist and queer cunt-activism can be promoted.

For example: must talk about the cunt always be associated with talk about women? After the seminar, we'll go together to the lunchroom at the Centre for Gender Science for a 'post-seminar' and cunt pottering. Some of the people associated with the blog 'CuntForFight' will be there to inspire us to creative pottering!

Renita Sörensdotter - cunt-activist, PhD in social anthropology, researcher and professor of gender science at the University of Stockholm
Jonah Nylund - trans-activist
Lisa Ericsson - blogger at 'CuntForFight'

Time: 25 February 17.00-19.00
Location: Room 1-1062, Building 1, the English Park, Centre for the Humanities, University of Uppsala

A warm welcome!

'Mental illness and diffuse sexual preferences that evolved into heterophobia should not control the political agenda.'
 - 'espressino'
'They deselect themselves through their mental breakdowns and burnouts, and end up drunk on red wine in dilapidated suburbs. Darwin's rules apply - only those who can adapt to current conditions will survive.'
 - 'Gefundenes F'
'I've never read anything any of these people have written. Nor have I ever seen them on television or heard them on the radio. I'd go crazy if I had to.'
 - 'EmeraldC'
'And here we thought we'd seen everything, seen the craziest of the crazy. But no.'
 - 'Mr.Goat'
'Methylphenidate (MPH; MPD) is a psychostimulant drug approved for treatment of ADHD or attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome and narcolepsy. It is better known by its 1948 trademarked name of Ritalin (original owner CIBA), was first licenced by the FDA in 1955 for treating ADHD, prescribed from 1960, and became heavily prescribed in the 1990s, when the diagnosis of ADHD became more widely accepted.'
 - Wikipedia
'8 March - a day of struggle, pepping, and feminist partying. But no fucking flowers to pretty women.'
 - CuntForFight
'Yesterday I held a cunt lecture for a bunch of children. We also talked about feminism.'
 - CuntForFight

Postscript: Tuva Novotny

Tuva Novotny - Tuva Moa Matilda Karolina Novotny Hedström - is a Swedish actress living in Denmark who's achieved considerable renown in Hollywood of late. She was interviewed for DN.se - their paper edition only.

'You hardly hear the word 'feminism' in Denmark', she told DN.se. 'That's a word used by long haired hippies! But 'equality between the sexes' [what Pär Ström fought for before he was intimidated into silence by Maria Sveland and her teddy bear Fredriksson] is something people can talk a lot about.'

'But it's not at all the same infected polemic found in Sweden. We don't have that polarisation here. Above all it's not women pitted against men. How curious there's such a big difference between the two countries. I like it better here.'

What's wrong with Sweden?

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