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Military Expert: Honeytrap for Assange

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STOCKHOLM (Rixstep) — The following was published the very day the 'Julian Assange being hunted on the streets of Stockholm' story broke in Expressen, showing once again what tools the country has in the likes of Niklas Svensson and Emanuel Karlsten.

The piece is written by Anders Jallai. Jallai is a former officer in the Swedish air force who's spent considerable time writing about the murky world of intel, both in Sweden and abroad, from his own perspective.

One of Jallai's most interesting pieces of research was the 'submarine kerfuffle' in the Swedish archipelago which we know today, thanks to WikiLeaks, was staged by the CIA and NATO with the cooperation of foreign minister Carl Bildt.

The website's editor intro for the following piece reads as follows.

When Julian Assange decided to publish the secret Afghanistan documents, he crossed an invisible but very definite line and became a real threat to the national security of Sweden and every nation involved there. Perhaps Assange should be happy they only set a honeytrap for him. So writes the espionage expert and former air force officer ANDERS JALLAI.

There are a few minor inaccuracies in Jallai's assessment of the Assange case at that time - information was not readily forthcoming so early on that August Saturday - but they're left in place for historical purposes.

Military Expert: Intel Agency Honeytrap for Assange

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange may be dragged into a classic honeytrap. Today he's been arrested in absentia for the rape and molestation of two Swedish women. The rapes were to have occurred when Julian Assange was recently in Sweden.

Of course it's possible Assange is guilty, but it's easier to believe, without becoming overly conspiratorial, that he's caught in a honeytrap and that the women were agents of or contracted by an intel agency. And why not a Swedish intel agency?

It's very easy, in our harmonious world, to view events and phenomena like WikiLeaks with an air of innocence, but for those who've been in the battle zones of Afghanistan these things are deadly serious. Soldiers die, civilians die. They're wounded and tortured even as I write. For them it's literally a matter of life and death!

If we make the hypothetical assumption that this is how things are - that Julian Assange has been dragged into a conspiracy - then it's nothing new under the sun for intel agencies. We have hundreds of known cases from the Cold War. One such example is the Profumo affair in the UK, or why not the Swedish parliamentary bordello affair of 1976?

The methodology involves recruiting a sexy young woman like Christine Keeler. She was 19 at the time in 1961 when she was given an assignment by KGB agent Stephen Ward to attend a rigged party and hit hard on the British Minister of Defence John Profumo and to try to get him into bed. Once they'd arrived at the prearranged hotel room, likely rigged with microphones and cameras, the sex games - the more perverse the better - would be documented, in Keeler's case with whips and other types of domination.

There are few married men who would want their families to see such pictures. Better in such case to immediately resign. The future will show what's demanded of Julian Assange to make the allegations disappear. For I'm guessing they will disappear. For that's namely spelled out in the operating manual. A compromise must never continue too long, as the entire operation can be revealed. But the operation will still achieve its desired effect: stopping the publication of all the Afghanistan documents.

I don't know if Julian Assange is innocent, but I believe he is. The timing is just too good. He's most likely had two pleasant nights in Sweden but has not raped or molested anyone. But it's word against word as per usual in the spy business.

One guess is he was acting at the behest of a foreign power when he ordered the cease-fire. I'm not going to say what foreign power I'm referring to, but the astute reader will know. And everything points to Bror Stefensson twisting heads way up in the military hierarchy - not only the submarine hunters in our navy but also high ranking officers and above all politicians. Ulf Adelsohn personally rang a commander to ask why they'd been unable to sink any subs - meaning Adelsohn was completely unaware the subs were actually from NATO and not Russia. Unsworn testimony is best in this world of mirrors.
 - Ander Jallai

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