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Quick: They Invented a Serial Killer - Not Held to Account

The Swedish judicial system remains as corrupt as ever. An Australian waits in an embassy.

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STOCKHOLM (Rixstep) — Sture Bergwall, who previously used the alias Thomas Quick to protect his family, has now been acquitted of all eight murders for which he once was convicted in Sweden's by far biggest judicial scandal of all time.

It's taken many years and the persistent work of Assange lawyer Thomas Olsson to get this far. But the people responsible for this travesty will go scot-free.

Of particular interest is Quick defence attorney Claes Borgström who knew full well what was going on but chose to remain silent out of political expediency.

Borgström later revived a dismissed case against Julian Assange in an attempt to rescue his shattered reputation.

People have been writing and tweeting all day to Sture, who today has become a prolific writer and blogger. Sture would understandably hope for compensation for what the corrupt Swedish legal system put him through, but his chances are small, given the continued state of corruption in the former Scandinavian paradise. Sweden's chancellor for justice Anna Skarhed has stated she sees no reason to look again into the scandal, the worst in Swedish judicial history.

Courts Didn't Know

Far beyond the wacky methodology used in the Quick police investigations was the obsession by social climbing prosecutor Christer van der Kwast to obtain convictions at any price. When forensic laboratories could not truthfully corroborate his claims, he simply took matters to new laboratories until he got what he wanted. He even went so far as to invent an entirely new category of evidence wedged between 'hard' evidence and useless 'circumstantial' evidence. But ultimately the courts, once Thomas Olsson demanded they look anew at the cases, dismissed all eight convictions because they'd never had any real evidence anyway - all they'd had were Bergwall's admissions, shown later to have been coached and coaxed by dosages of psychotropic drugs long since condemned as illegal.

Christer van der Kwast never had any evidence that Bergwall was guilty of the crimes. Bergwall was out of control back then, being drugged to near unconsciousness by another social climber, Birgitta Ståhle, who thought she could win renown for her treatment of Bergwall, uncovering 'repressed memory', which of course turned out to be complete nonsense. Ståhle got the drugged-out Bergwall to admit to over 30 murders where several of the victims were alive and well.

None of this evidence ever reached the courts. Other substantial evidence that proved Bergwall could not possibly have committed the crimes was deliberately withheld from the courts by a raving mad Christer van der Kwast.

Corrupt Defence Nets Borgström Over USD 750,000

But most of all: the final guilt fell on defence attorney Claes Borgström who replaced the original public defender who'd quit out of conscience when he'd seen how Christer van der Kwast was subverting the legal process. Borgström was called in - by Bergwall no less, who obviously didn't know what Borgström was capable of.

Borgström proceeded to hear nothing, say nothing, and do nothing for all those years as the cases went to court. Bergwall reported that he hardly ever met Borgström, that the few chats they had were mostly in the court itself right before proceedings began, and that Borgström mostly wanted to talk about his own family matters.

Borgström knew how corrupt the process had become. He was aware that crucial evidence was being withheld by Christer van der Kwast. He knew Bergwall was innocent. Yet he said and did nothing. And for that token gesture, he picked up over three quarters of a million USD for attorney fees paid by Swedish taxpayers.

Chancellor for justice Skarhed admits the case is ruinous for Sweden's image but still insists there's nothing to be done, claiming that nothing is wrong with the Swedish judicial system and that the Bergwall case is merely an innocent 'exception'.

'A prosecutor must always be objective, but Christer van der Kwast failed in objectivity time and time again', said Olsson in the understatement of the millennium.

Borgström came under strong criticism when the dirty truth of the Quick cases became known to the general public. Several books were written to express the outrage so many people felt. Things came to a head when Sweden's renowned investigative reporter Hannes Råstam began looking into the case and in a taped interview caught Borgström in lie after lie. Borgström tried several tricks to rescue his shattered reputation, but all failed. When given the opportunity to make a mess of the dismissed case against Julian Assange, Borgström jumped at it - and has ever since been behind the legal mess there as well, using the media in Sweden to smear Assange as often as possible.

Sture Bergwall can now prepare for a life in freedom. He tells his friends on Twitter that he has a very supportive family and has today an extensive contact network. But the stink over the Quick case may never end.

Supreme Court Clown

Once the scandal broke, Borgström enlisted the help of drinking buddy Göran Lambertz to muddle the issues on national television and in the media. Lambertz, who today is unbelievably enough a supreme court justice, made a fool of himself before the entire nation, and became an even bigger fool when his correspondence with Borgström in the matter was disclosed, showing that Borgström had been coaching the frivolous Lambertz on what to do and what to say.

Borgström continues to smear an innocent man, Lambertz today is hiding from the media, and the Swedish judicial system remains as corrupt as ever. All the while an Australian sits in an embassy in London on trumped up allegations in a case long since hijacked by that same corrupt legal system in an effort to keep him on hold until the secret indictment can be unsealed.

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