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Gibney Scouts Sweden Before Obama Arrival

Few will dare speak up.

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DUCKPOND (Rixstep) — They did it again. On the eve of another miserable Gibney premiere, now in the infamous Swedish duckpond where no one's even heard of Gibney and probably not much about Assange or WikiLeaks either, state television decided to give the failed moviemaker a boost.

Not much is said about the horrific 'We Steal Secrets' except it's supposed to be a documentary and it's the 'first movie ever on the organisation'. There's no mention of its utter box office disaster or the reason why.

'We Steal Secrets' was released 24 May this year and in the US didn't make more than - get ready - $166,243, according to Box Office Mojo. On opening weekend it made a yawn of $27,689, and on 20 June finally was put out of everyone's misery and completely withdrawn from the US cinema circuit.

A stellar achievement.

But the ducks in the pond aren't aware of that - they prefer their own tabloids to the real news - and their Big Brother state television aren't telling them. Gibney's humiliating crash - according to most justly deserved - would have been a good story for SVT television to cover. But no. There's an agenda to pursue. Let no one falter now just because the bad people are losing.

All the Gibney lies were debunked both at home and in the UK, so now it's time to pick on the unwitting unwashed in the Kingdom of Svea-IKEA. One of the wanton state television remarks is about Assange demanding $1,000,000 of Gibney for his cooperation and an interview - a classic that ranks right up there with the best DDB could wring out, such as the 'I got white hair because my nuclear reactor exploded'.

[Assange and WikiLeaks found out about Gibney through John Young back when Gibney's assistant Alexis Bloom was still yucking up at Cryptome, did a background check on him, and discovered most of his interviewees were pissed as hell because Gibney loves twisting sound bites. Their decision to shun Gibney was made long before the foggy filmmaker made his way to London. The sparsely witted Gibney doesn't have much of a sense of humour. Ed.]

Afghan correspondent Jesper Huor (who worked on the excellent WikiRebels documentary and also gave Rixstep an advance preview) is also interviewed. Jesper has many good things to say about WikiLeaks and Assange and their impact on the world - but then the unseen interviewer leads him off onto a detour and he's abandoned.

But best of all is heavily medicated and ultra-rabid Ardin colleague Sofia Mirjamsdotter, the one who got drunk at a journo conference and embarrassed herself by charging the stage and ranting. She was part of the infamous 'talk about it' smear and of course has nothing good or even intelligent to say now, but the politically correct cameras roll anyway. (She might have been more entertaining if she'd again mixed her medications with bargain booze.)

The whole segment is presented to the unwitting unwashed ducks as a bit of 'cultural news' without a hint of there being any backstory. Should anyone have ever doubted that the Swedes are conducting an orchestrated campaign against WikiLeaks, let them doubt no more.

But hurry! If you want to see this gem of reporting, you need to get to the link within a week. After that the clip is gone - something Claes Borgström exploited systematically to smear Assange 'without a trace'.

Olof Johansson dared speak up, but few others will dare. Going up against the power elite in that swamp can mean you get turned into Caneton à l'Assange.

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