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Cracking the Code (Too Many Cooks)

The Flashbackers won.

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DUCKPOND (Rixstep) — The mystery of August 2010 seems to be over. Not only have the Flashbackers cracked the code, they've also shown that of the three people involved in the events, Julian Assange is the one who is safest today, whilst the two girls are in direct jeopardy.

A Step Back

Take a step back for a moment and review what's been postulated the past few days. A lot of this is based on (and thanks to) the release of 22 of the ultra-secret SMS messages Marianne Ny has tried to keep under wraps. Former Assange attorney Björn Hurtig was given a brief look at them on 18 November 2010 by Erika Lejnefors, but he didn't have time to piece the puzzle together.

Current Assange attorneys Thomas Olson and Per E Samuelson also got a look much later on, and they came prepared. The results are found in the affidavit Assange filed with the complaint about his stolen laptops.


The messages are accurately reported, along with their timestamps. A clear picture emerges.

A Clear Picture

Myriad are the theories of how things could go so south in a brief week in the Swedish capital. The role played by Sofia Wilén became more and more accentuated.


Trenterx publishes a lengthy post at Flashback that begins to string events together, now in the context of what is known about surveillance by the NSA, the GCHQ, and Sweden's own FRA.


This piece is followed by comments by 'Arbed' at the blog of Craig Murray. Parts of Arbed's insights are later incorporated into the postscript 'One Hour Thirty Four Minutes'.


The article is then picked up and further refined by Assange in Sweden.



Flashback veteran MoLoK then comes into the forum to show everyone how easy the whole thing really is.


A very upset SW aborts her interrogation, and a short time afterward is approached by a man in a suit and a well dressed woman. SW is told that if she doesn't sabotage the case against Assange and at least takes a passive role, all her considerable financial worries will be forever gone.

No more student loan debts. No more living in dilapidated housing areas in small Swedish towns. The time to devote her life to photography without the overhanging worry about making ends meet.

And all of this of course in the highest secrecy. For the good of the motherland. And do you know what, SW? The other girl already accepted our offer. So why would you say no to us? For that matter: isn't your ordinary boyfriend a Swedish citizen?

[Note: Anna Ardin indeed left the police station before Wilén. She rushed off to a party with her friend Kajsa Borgnäs. Ed.]


Trenterx is back today at 11:04.


Continuing MoLoK's tale:

Sofia nods, but is a bit uneasy. The well dressed woman tells her:
'All you need to do is insist that all you wanted to do is get Assange to take an HIV test. That's all. We'll take care of the rest'.

Sofia goes home to Enköping and to bed. She doesn't sleep well. The next morning, at 07:27 on 21 August 2010, she sends an SMS message to a friend:
'I didn't want to accuse JA of anything'.

The same evening at 22:25 when she receives the news that Eva Finné has closed the case, she sends a new SMS message:
'it was the police who made up the charges'.

The Bigger Picture (Too Many Cooks)

Super-sleuth Duqu popped in at 14:08 to shed even more light.


By now most people should understand the role in this mess of railroaded groupie Sofia Wilén.

All of our data up to now shows clearly and unequivocally that it's at the Klara police station the ball first starts rolling, but none of those involved had counted on SW sitting and sending SMS messages to her friends during the pauses in her interrogation, which of course was not recorded as it's supposed to be.

Regardless of how they set things up, there was one thing that those involved couldn't do: namely erase the SMS messages or go back and change the time stamps in the interrogations that were later leaked. We can actually thank the Guardian for the leak of the preliminary investigation, even though their intention was to destroy JA. The saying about those who lay traps for others has never been more relevant. That there were simply too many cooks spoiling this broth is something we see clearly today, now that we have the lineup of the investigators at Klara and the fire brigade at Bergsgatan.

Their setup has a few weak spots, for it requires both women be coordinated and that they both be given solid guarantees from above, and we don't have them here. AA is a loose cannon who only now, three years (!) later, is starting to calm down, SÄPO and KSI are warring internally, and the head of the KSI, an accomplished swimmer, was found drowned not long ago in the centre of Stockholm.

The guarantees are political, and if the government of Carl Bildt and Fredrik Reinfeldt should, as all polls indicate, lose the elections in 2014, then those guarantees cease to mean a thing. Should the taskmaster for this operation feel threatened, AA and SW will become primary targets for remedial action, as they can retroactively jeopardise the operation.

The bottom line, ironically, is that the safest of them all is Julian Assange himself - he's secure in an embassy whilst the futures of AA and SW don't at all look good, and this regardless of what legal counsel they're able to retain.

The best thing that's happened in this vainglorious mess is that Edward Snowden turned up: his revelations threaten to retroactively torpedo the entire operation.

Who can save AA and SW now, when they end up on the wrong side of the playing field?

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