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Swedes Blocking Quick Documentary

Trying to contain it to the pond?

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DUCKPOND (Rixstep) — The new Swedish state television documentary 'The Woman Behind Thomas Quick' had been hyped for over a week. It was to be based on the sensational book of Dan Josefsson: 'The Man Who Stopped Lying', to be a total exposé of the deep-rooted corruption in the Swedish legal system.

The Swedes blocked it for international viewing.

No one outside Sweden, Swedish citizen or no, can view one of the most important documentaries of their time.

The case also has direct bearing on the travesties of justice in the case of Assange in Sweden, as it's the same corrupt system (and some of the same corrupt players) at the bottom of it all.

'This video may only be seen in Sweden', the notice says. 'Our copyright laws permit the copyright holder to limit transmissions to only Sweden.' That the copyright holders in this case would not want their story spread everywhere - that's defamatory. Some people in high places are worried about the fallout.

Memory Lanes

One's reminded of how powerful (and very crooked) Icelandic bankers blocked Icelandic RUV from telling the people how the crooks gutted their economy. One's reminded as well of a hit piece documentary on Swedish state television that 'borrowed' bits and pieces from other projects and tried to give history that trademarked Swedish twist, viewable only by pond ducks of course.

One's reminded of how Bonnier's DN.se and Expressen regularly publish hit pieces against their enemies in hard copy and then saccharine versions for global online consumption.

That the people who made this important documentary would want to limit its distribution is of course ludicrous.

Hannes Råstam's book 'The Making of a Serial Killer' is already available in English (with a special forward by Elizabeth Day); the international interest is high; the Swedes are calling for an international Quick conference to study how a legal system could get so totally fucked up.

But someone inside the pond seems intent on twisting the rules to slow down the international embarrassment.

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