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Slottsstek med gurka

The game most ducks don't realise they're playing.

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DUCKPOND (Rixstep) — There's a game going on in the infamous Swedish duckpond that most ducks don't realise they're playing. It's called 'Keep the Walls Up, Keep the Truth Out'. The idea is to shut out the world around so things stay peaceful in the pond.

That's half the reason Julian Assange felt so safe when he stepped onto the tarmac on 11 August 2010 - like going through a time warp, like getting fixed for a trip by Scotty. It can feel a bit unreal.

The reason it can feel unreal is that it is unreal. Swedes are #1 at ignoring the world around. This used to be a Good Thing™, back when the country's relations with the world around were as remote as possible. Back in the day when people looked to the sky continually for a sign of ICBMs. No one wants that shit.

But times have changed, thanks to Carl Bildt, and for now there's no turning back. The assassination of Olof Palme hardly helped. (Not the Swedes at any rate - it did help Carl and his party immensely.)

Why is it that Swedes are second best in Europe at English yet refuse to read it? Why are the newspapers full of major headline stuff about cats caught in trees even as the world around is crumbling faster than the walls of Jericho?

For it's not just an innate aversion to calamity and a desire to turn the clock back and get isolated all over again. That Øresund bridge notwithstanding, Swedes often want to be closed off. And it's not just the people on the street. The powers that be, both outside and inside the duckpond, want the same thing.

Sweden's become a pivotal country. From the days when Olof Palme carried his light attaché and thumbed his nose at Kissinger, and the country offered a model to end the Cold War once and for all, today it's an important strategic ally of the US - to the extent that the country's ultra right wing prime minister (where did he come from anyway) gave the keynote at the most recent NATO summit - and Sweden will never be a member of NATO um Gottes willen.

The pervasive shadow of NSA hangs heavier than SMERSH or SPECTRE ever did, and now it's revealed that Sweden's own NSA, the FRA, are doing some really spectacular work for the yankee frat boys.

And that should make the headlines roar in the duckpond. But no. The revelations came via state media corporations - itself a healthy sign - but picked up by the glaringly shameless tabloids? The same ones who battled it out to get more readers with the 'HUNTED FOR DOUBLE RAPE' story? Nah. Not so much this time.

What did they pull out of their duck backsides to drown out the FRA story? Two things. Get ready. You'll love it.

1. Swedish Teens Without a Cause

A fight involving the 'violent left' with luminaries like Martin Fredriksson and Maria Sveland, the ones who've set up their own 'Stasi Sweden LLC' to chart and register everyone somewhat unlike themselves (which in effect is almost everybody). They're the ones who engineered the 'Amnesty coup' against Julian Assange.

(You might remember Amnesty International came out with a strong statement in support of the WikiLeaks founder. No one else on the entire planet uttered a word of protest. But Fredriksson and Sveland manipulated Amnesty Sweden to distance themselves from the statement.)

Then it was found just what loonies this Batman/Robin duo were, torching McDonald's restaurants, carrying billy clubs and attacking people in the dark of night, and of course bullying the excellent social critics Pär Ström and Pelle Billing into silence for simply saying, over and over again, that there should be less polarisation and more regard for the truth.

The fight of these left-wing loons is of course against their polar opposites on the right wing. That Sweden should have such people - that Sweden should have teens and tweens wearing swastikas - shows how lost the country really is.

Sweden avoided World War II (and worrying too much about it) by deft diplomacy. But Sweden's always harboured Nazi sympathisers. The Germans weren't able to rid themselves of the Nazis even after the war, and the Nazi sympathisers in Sweden never got caught out. They just went on living and making money, and still are to this day.

This might come as a shock to lots of people outside the duckpond, but Sweden's nouveau riche - the up and coming class - are 'Nazi' in their leanings to a scary extent. There are all sorts of flaky groups holding meetings after office hours. And be so certain: they are scary. They're out of their minds. And don't rest easy, for their offspring are even worse.

That anyone should not have learned the lesson of World War II is beyond belief. The parents are part of the problem, but not all of it. And it's the Martins and Marias and their friends who've decided it's their responsibility to deal with this.

Some of those kids - some of those parents - end up making trouble. But get a clue: they're Swedes! They're not capable of making too much trouble! The whole thing is very much the proverbial tempest in the teapot, and left to their own devices, the air goes out of them soon enough.

But that's not good enough for the Swedish left, today more aptly called the 'violent left'. The air will go out of them sooner or later too - they'll start making families and having slottsstek med gurka at the weekends and taking their kids to the daycare and then to fritis and then to school and reading Expressen and Aftonbladet on that pendeltåg and then playing Bingolotto on Saturdays and they'll have a nice quiet Swedish life.

But that's most people. Where the Swedish Nazis are young and astonishingly stupid, the Swedish Crazy Left are obsessed. There's a reason 'wrath' is listed as one of the seven deadly sins: anger is one thing, but when you know you're right...

Two groups of the 'violent left' recently staged a confrontation with Swedish Nazi Neanderthals in a shopping square in a suburb south of Stockholm. Where ironically a woman from Sweden's crazy feminist fringe recently put up a production of Valerie Solanas for school kids and systematically harassed the boys in the audience as some sort of who knows what. Now there is a real use for the theatre there, and parents are gathered to watch their young ones put on a dancing show. All the while the Idiot Right and the Crazy Left decide to converge on the same square.

It's a wonder no one was hurt. Rixstep were contacted by parents who attended the dance recital and could give a blow-by-blow account of what happened. It wasn't pretty. But again: no one was hurt what anyone knows.

The groups sponsored by Martin and Maria basically held several hundred uninvolved school children and parents hostage in a kind of 'human shield'. Some of the parents were perspicacious enough to inform the police.

But that's not what the media told the ducks.

And off went the Swedish media. The tabloids. The ones who took turns publishing National Enquirer type stuff about Julian Assange or WikiLeaks in general. This - or rather the 'doctored' version better suited to programming - became headline news. Not the FRA.

2. The Football King

Zlatan Ibrahimović is Sweden's big hero in the world of football. Zlatan was born in Sweden's premier immigrant area known as Rosengård where the Swedish government shuttle most immigrants to keep them out of sight. His parents are from Bosnia and Croatia. Good places in themselves. But Zlatan is by definition a nigger. Anyone not having Aryan blue eyes and blonde hair is a nigger in Sweden. The Finns can be called 'finnjävlar' and the Norwegians called 'norrbaggar' but everyone else (save possibly for Anglo-Saxons) gets the N-word. So it can't have been easy for Zlatan (or any of his friends - Sweden is a special place).

Zlatan showed an interest in football. If ever. He got his first cleats at the age of five and right away joined a team. And for safety's sake took a black belt in martial arts on the side. (Always good to have in Rosengård or when passing Swedes on the street.)

He was 18 when he made the 'majors'. The legendary Malmö FF. Only two years later he was an international prospect and the Dutch Ajax picked him up. That's how good he promised to be. Zlatan was out of the ghetto.

And where people would have roundly called him 'nigger' in the old days, now that he'd become famous and was an object of pride for master race Swedes, they suddenly had to suck up to him instead. Guess if he was happy about that.

Inter bought Zlatan in 2006 for €24.8 million. Think about it. Poor kid from the roughest ghetto in Scandinavia where he ate poorly - and now a chunk of change like that for his owners. By 2008 Zlatan was pocketing almost €15 million per year and oh Swedes were so proud of him!

And last year Zlatan broke a 20-year record, scoring 30 goals in a single season. Zlatan was king. A king that rose from the firebombed ashes of Sweden's most unforgivable eyesore. He even married (became 'life partner') into the master race and had nice kids with Swedish model Helena Seger (whose surname coincidentally means 'victory' in Swedish).

So what could possibly go wrong? Two things.

√ The PC mafia can attack at any time.
√ The FRA story was bursting at the seams.

Swedish footballer Anders Svensson was given a car at a recent award ceremony as thanks for having set a record for playing in national matches. His female counterpart had also played in many national matches, but she didn't get a car. She was pissed, the fangs came out, the civil war began again. And when Zlatan was contacted by Expressen (who did all they could to drown out the FRA story) he simply told them they were fools (but in a very diplomatic way).

Retired Swedish journalist 'Old Wolf' comments.

'White violated men' is an expression coined by the feminist mafia in their harassment of Pär Ström. The harassment was led by the Swedish MSM and their lapdogs (Maria Sveland) and in the end they caught their prey. Pär was bullied into stopping his work, and an important voice was silenced.

Now there's another target in their sights: Zlatan Ibrahimović.

So what happened?

On Xmas day itself Zlatan commented for the media that one can't really compare men's football with women's.

That's it. That's all he did.

'With all respect for what the ladies are doing, and they've done a fantastic job, you still can't compare men's football with women's football. So stop carrying on, it's not even funny anymore. It's a bad joke that doesn't get a laugh even in Rosengård.'

Rosengård again.

'There's no other country in the world giving as much attention to women's football as Sweden. That's fantastic right there. But that doesn't mean I don't appreciate what they're doing. They've done a great job, and they'll keep on doing a great job. But you can't compare women's and men's individual performances. And when I get outside Sweden, I'm compared to Ronaldo and Messi. This is a joke.'

Zlatan's skiing slalom through the booby traps.

'Or shall we compare budgets? The men's leagues earn the money to finance the women's leagues!'

This all started because the ducks got furious that Anders Svensson was given a car for breaking the record for most national matches. This pissed off the PC mafia because their treasure Therese Sjögran, also a player, didn't get a car too. [Yes you read that right. A former colleague of Sjögran's called the lack of car 'condescending and belittling'.]

And then Swedish Twitter™ broke loose. [You didn't even know Swedes had their own Twitter, did you?]

And who brought the tempest to the teapot this time? Care to guess? Old Wolf:

Personally I've got nothing against women's football. I spent years as a player and trainer. I watch women's matches on the telly when they're good. This isn't about gender to me. It's about getting the viewers. Why can't a bandy player make the same money as a football player?

Women's football isn't attractive enough. The men's matches in Malmö sell 15,000 tickets, the women's matches only 2,000. Men's football is a world sport with high class teams on every continent. Women's football is still new, in only a few countries. And worse still: women's football wouldn't last a day without the revenues men's football give them.

As commenter Catweazle points out:

Zlatan's right. But he stirred up the PC mafia hornets nest. He said something taboo and now the mafia have to shout him into silence so his viewpoints don't gain hold elsewhere in the duckpond.

But what's the point?

The point is that these two 'controversies', no more than tempests in an IKEA teapot, came about right when Swedish state media broke the NSA/FRA story. The FRA stuff is serious shit; this other stuff has no intrinsic value whatsoever.

Swedish state media have a traditional leaning to the Social Democrats of Olof Palme, a traditional stance for neutrality. The Bonniers are closely aligned with the current right-wing government of Bildt and Reinfeldt, and they didn't want the FRA story spreading. Their Expressen, who did the most of the reporting on the two above stories, saw that it didn't spread.

So the Swedish mainstream media, distracted by extremist riots and the fact that a lady footballer didn't get a new car, gave the FRA revelations a cold shoulder. Were the events described above the only two the Swedish MSM could find? Were these tempests artificially created to drown out coverage of the FRA?

Postscript: Castration

According to the hardcopy Expressen, the Swedish football association shall now hire in a 'gender scientist' to see what it was they did wrong.

'The reaction from the PC mafia was expected', writes Old Wolf. 'For the media it was a matter of explaining - in excruciating detail - just how wrong Zlatan was and of letting a number of representatives of women's football be interviewed. Aftonbladet left their comment fields open, and that gave us a completely different picture of what was going on [as opposed to Expressen who did their best to fan the flames]'.

'Some feminist blogs even advocated castrating Zlatan. Sport reporters in Sweden know they have to be PC at all times or risk losing their jobs.'

But Old Wolf, who's been very active at Flashback in the discussion about Assange in Sweden and only now revealed a background in football including a daughter who's played on the national team, spent several days researching the Zlatan story. All the while the only important news item - Sweden's FRA collaboration with the NSA - faded into the background.

Slottstek Med Gurka


1.4  kg beef loin                       Sauce:
1.5  tbsp butter                        1 tbsp meat juice
0.5  tbsp salt                          3 tbsp concentrated veal extract
0.5  onion                              3 dl milk
2    anchovy filets                     3 tbsp dark corn starch roux
1.5  tbsp aquavit, unspiced
1    tbsp light syrup                   Serve with:
1    tbsp concentrated veal extract     sliced cucumber
0.75 tbsp vinegar                       oven fried potatoes
10   allspice seeds                     salad
4    white pepper seeds                 jelly
1    bay leaf
2    dl water

  1. Set your oven to 175°. Brown the meat in the butter in an ovenproof form. Insert a meat thermometer. Make sure the tip is in the meat. Salt. Peel and chop the onion coarsely and place it with the other ingredients around the meat in the form.
  2. Place the form (with the lid on) in the middle of the oven. Oven fry the meat a good hour until its inner temperature reaches 70°. Take the meat from the oven and let it rest, wrapped in aluminium foil.
  3. Strain the meat juices and dilute them with water and veal meat extract to 6 dl liquid. Bring to a boil in a saucepan. Pour in the milk and season to taste. Add more milk if you want a milder sauce, add more meat extract if you want a stronger sauce. Stir in the corn starch roux and let the sauce simmer for one minute.
  4. Cut the meat into rather thin slices. Serve with the sauce, sliced cucumber, oven fried potatoes, salad, and jelly.

There are 385,000,000 football players in the world. Zlatan's ranked at #3.
 - Old Wolf
Zlatan doesn't think women's football is as good as men's football, or that women should automatically get gifts worth as much as or more than the men's. Clearly Zlatan is a white violated net-hater and probably a Breivik Nazi. Feminist research has shown this to be true.
 - Swedish satire blog 'Jämställdhetsfeministern'

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