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Assange in Sweden: Prosecutor Parties in the Sun

Going abroad to interrogate is a perk of the job.

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DUCKPOND (Rixstep) — The case of Assange in Sweden has been in a deadlock for three years because Sweden's prosecutor Marianne Ny has refused to travel to the UK to interrogate Assange.

The case seems rather straightforward, with most jurists agreeing with initial prosecutor Eva Finné that there is no case; Ny waited several weeks until Julian Assange was on his way out of the country to issue a secret arrest warrant and brand him a flight risk; she then planned an ambush when he was to return in early October 2010 for the country's Afghanistan Week; and since then she's lied to media and courts about her categorical refusal to travel to London to close the case.

A recurring meme amongst the unwashed ducks in the pond is that Swedish prosecutors simply don't travel abroad to interview people involved in criminal investigations - thanks to Flashbacker Nickelodion, we know today that this is far from the truth.

One of the big trials in Sweden of late is the so-called 'Cocaine Case'. It's been a mess from the beginning. There's a Columbian involved in the case; he's in prison in the US, convicted of the crimes the Swedish prosecutors wanted to bring before him. But the attorney of the Swedish suspect in the case demanded the Columbian be interrogated in order to prove his client cannot possibly be involved in the crimes.

So four (4) Swedish prosecutors travel to Tampa Florida (8020 kilometres away) to interrogate the Columbian.

The Columbian speaks Spanish, none of the prosecutors speak Spanish, so the interrogations don't go too well. Then there's the transcript of an illegal wire tap that the prosectors brought along. It's originally in Spanish, and the translation is severely flawed. So the authorities in the US can simply not understand WTF the Swedes are talking about.

And this is when the yanks begin to understand that the Swedish prosecutors don't understand English too well either.

When the Swedish prosecutors finally leave Tampa, the US prosecutor, the Columbian's attorney, and the Columbian himself joke about the strange visit.

'All they wanted was a free trip to sunny Florida!'

'This got me thinking', wrote Nickelodion. 'What if this was actually the case, that it's not the interrogation itself that's important, but how far it'll be to travel, and to what sunny and exotic climate?'

'So I did some research!' continues Nickelodion.

'I searched online for 'åklagare' ('prosecutor') + 'förhör utomlands' (interrogation abroad) and what do I find?

  • Iraq. 3470 kilometres.
  • Sudan. 5280 kilometres.
  • Kosovo. 1870 kilometres.
  • Rwanda. 6900 kilometres.

'You'll think I'm making this up', Nickelodion tells his friends at Flashback. 'But try it yourself. You'll see it's true!'

Ending the Deadlock in a Duckpond Way

'So I have an idea', Nickelodion concludes. 'Marianne Ny obviously doesn't want to travel to rainy foggy London (only 980 kilometres away) so why not have Assange lawyers Per Samuelson and Thomas Olsson, together with Ecuador foreign minister Ricardo Patiño, invite her to Quito so she can connect with video link to London - an interrogation from the centre of the world at an attractive distance from Sweden of 10,420 kilometres!'

'Marianne! Quito is a lovely place - high above sea level, on the equator, a comfortable climate all year round!'

 Swedish conditions for interrogation abroad. Left: the more the merrier. Right: unconstitutional.

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