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Assange in Sweden: 27 September 2010

A very busy day.

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DUCKPOND (Rixstep) — There's been a remarkable development in the case of Assange in Sweden: two major contributors are collaborating over a gap of linguistics and websites both. Arbed writes at the Craig Murray site, and Trenterx at Flashback. But they're collaborating, and sometimes reaching startling conclusions.

The latest exchange concerns the affidavit of Julian Assange which put matters in a somewhat different perspective. Concerning 27 September 2010, the day Assange left Sweden for Germany, it was previously assumed he arrived at the airport with little time to spare, so as to thwart any surveillance operations. But now it's revealed he got there at noon and hung around for nearly six hours waiting for his flight.

'I wish we'd known that three years ago!' said Flashbacker Duqu.

27 September 2010

27 September 2010 - the day Assange tired of waiting for Marianne Ny and took to the skies - becomes very interesting.

Arbed posted this last night at Craig Murray's.

Hello Flashbackers!

Can I join in on the conversation about what happened on 27 September, and whether Marianne Ny would have been aware that Assange planned to leave Sweden that day/where he was travelling despite his precautions about buying a ticket at the last minute. Well, I don't know about Ny herself knowing the exact details but the Swedish intel services most certainly did. I refer you to paragraph 128 of Assange's September 2013 affidavit, which states:

'The meeting with Stefania Maurizi was arranged over open email, which meant that this correspondence was interceptable. The intelligence services could have had ample time to prepare an operation through monitoring these communications, for example by trying to seize material which was going to be handed over (just such an interception and seizure operation occurred on 18 September 2013 of alleged US classified documents being carried by David Miranda for journalistic purposes - a matter also connected to me and to the Guardian newspaper). The first contact was made by Stefania Maurizi on 26 July 2010, and I replied on 7 August, four days before flying to Stockholm. The date of the meeting was confirmed for 27 and 28 of September over a month before, on 25 August 2010.'

Therefore the Swedish authorities knew exactly when and to where Assange was flying from Sweden over a month before, in fact - surprise, surprise - on the very day that 1) Eva Finné formally closed the SW case, 2) Mats Gehlin sent TWO deliberately torn condoms/fragment to the national police forensics lab, and 3) Daniel Domscheit-Berg took it into his head to sabotage the WikiLeaks mail server and change the passwords, locking Assange out of WikiLeaks' systems.

Verrrry busy day, eh?

PS. Does the above fact - that Swedish intel (and hence NSA) knew on 25 August that Assange would be leaving Sweden on 27 September - help explain 1) why Marianne Ny was completely unconcerned about 'flight risk' between the day she took over the case (29 August) and 27 September, the day he was scheduled to leave, and 2) why she selected 28 September for her proposed interview date when she texted Björn Hurtig numerous times on 22 September, but only on that date?

'We Can Agree on the Following'

After pasting Arbed's post into Flashback, Trenterx added to it seven minutes later.

Concerning our discussion of 27 September 2010, in reference to Arbed's above post, I think we can agree on the following.

√ Swedish and US authorities knew Assange was going to Berlin for a meeting 28 September long before he bought his ticket.
√ There was plenty of time to steal his luggage (three laptops) between checkin and departure.
√ Swedish police could have stopped Assange anytime at all after he checked in for his flight (12:06) until departure 17:25.
√ If Marianne Ny had actually decided on a warrant at 14:15 the same day, as Britta Svensson in her office indicated, then either Ny or the police have committed a serious breach by not arresting Assange at Arlanda.
√ The alternative is that Ny and her staff are bluffing about the date for the warrant. Which in such case means they lied as well to the two Swedish courts that ruled on what became the EAW.

'This Stinks Again'

'This stinks again', writes Trenterx.

'Can't we use FOI to get the full details of the warrant and all of Marianne Ny's activities 27 September 2010?'

[Note: Marianne Ny's office long kept a portion of her website in English due to the significant global interest, and activities and events were duly noted with their dates etc - with the sole exception of the month of September 2010 for which she has never indicated she's prepared to account. Ed.]

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