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Assange in Sweden: Nobody Ran

Debunking yet another myth. Courtesy Flashback.

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DUCKBURG (Rixstep) — Trying to figure out what happened to Marianne Ny's mysterious arrest warrant 27 September 2010 is quite the feat, but debunking the ensuing rumour that Assange had fled Sweden when he heard about the warrant is not that difficult at all, once again proving that the 'orcs' aren't particularly gifted.

There's been quite the discussion all day about the mysterious arrest warrant issued by Marianne Ny on 27 September only hours before Julian Assange left for Berlin. The official story from Ny's office simply doesn't add up, leading several Flashback members to conclude the warrant exists only in the cobwebbed recesses of Ny's mind.

That Ny is a 'sloppy worker' has long since been established.

It's seems clear that Marianne Ny's refusal to do anything with the Assange case is because otherwise her mistakes from the autumn of 2010 will reach daylight. The Assange case isn't about Assange, not in her eyes. To her the case is about protecting Marianne Ny from criticism of her failed investigation.

This won't be the first time she's fouled up.


She didn't realise that Assange, a frequent visitor to Sweden, could freely leave the country if she didn't restrict him? She didn't give Assange any restrictions before he left? This despite lawyer Björn Hurtig explicitly asking her if it was OK?

Marianne Ny insists she issued an arrest warrant no one else has ever seen. Not passport control, not anyone else who should have acted on such a warrant. Did Ny mess up again?

She uses the lower level 'reasonable suspicion' in the detention memo but uses the higher level 'probable cause' during the court proceedings. And not a word of protest by the court. Was there no one who read the police documents before reaching the verdict? Why then even bring along those documents? Or did Marianne Ny 'forget' what she'd written there previously?

She gives a spoken account of new interrogations with the complainants during the detention hearings. But they're not in the documents submitted to the court?

She fails at filling in the application for a European Arrest Warrant. Four times?

She deliberately misleads the English judicial system by dribbling things away in ad hoc translations of Swedish legal concepts to British terms - provisional arrest warrant, arrest warrant, detention order - so the Brits are led to believe that Julian Assange fled from a court that issued an arrest warrant.

And then when she finally realises she's fucked up in a major way, she starts blaming it all on Assange.

Perhaps Marianne Ny forgot? Julian Assange isn't conducting the preliminary investigation - Marianne Ny is.

But that Marianne Ny would stoop so low as to fabricate a nonexistent arrest warrant conveniently backdated to start and feed a rumour mill?

Fortunately it's an easy matter to debunk.

The claims that Julian Assange fled an arrest warrant are pure constructions after the fact. This becomes obvious if one reads the testimony of the people who met with him in Berlin 27-28 September 2010, as well as testimony found in the appendices to Assange's own affidavit for the Swedish police at the Arlanda airport.


Kristinn Hrafnsson
'After five weeks in Sweden Mr Julian Assange flew from Stockholm to Berlin on the 27th of September. I planned and arranged Mr Assange's travel to Berlin so that we could conduct important meetings for Wikileaks.' (Appendix D Affidavit of Kristinn Hrafnsson)'

Stefania Maurizi, journalist with L'Espresso
'The appointment with the Wikileaks staff had been booked one month before as my email exchange with the Wikileaks staff can demonstrate.' (Appendix E Affidavit of Stefania Maurizi)

Andy Müller Maguhn of the Wau Holland Foundation
'In early september 2010 I scheduled a meeting to be held in the last week at that month (27.09-01.10 2010) to discuss organisational questions in the context of the foundation. Mr Assange also asked me to organise a meeting with two journalists of Der Spiegel, Mr Holger Stark and Mr Marcel Rosenbach...' (Appendix C Affidavit of Andy Müller Maguhn)

Marcel Rosenbach and Holger Stark, journalists with Spiegel
'We have met Julian Assange on September 28th 2010 in Berlin, in the offices of Mr Andy Müller Maguhn. The meeting had been arranged beforehand by Mr Maghun and Mr Stark.' (Appendix F Affidavit of Marcel Rosenbach and Holger Stark)

It's crystal clear Assange's trip wasn't a 'flight' but, on the contrary, a 'business trip'. l'Espresso got access to 15,000 previously unpublished documents from Afghanistan; the Spiegel journalists got material for their magazine and their book.

So there's nothing strange about Assange traveling to Berlin 27 September 2010.

The only remarkable things about that day are that Assange's bag with his laptops and documents on Afghanistan are stolen at the airport and thereafter scrubbed out of the airport's electronic system; and Marianne Ny now claiming after the fact to have reached a decision to issue an arrest warrant for Assange that very day, somehow without either police or defence counsel being informed.

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