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Likely Swedish Police Interrogate

Why have they all been lying?

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ANKEBORG (Rixstep) — Thomas Olsson and Per E Samuelson are growing impatient with Claes Borgström and Marianne Ny who don't have a leg left to stand on.

Thomas Olsson and Per E Samuelson are Swedish counsel for Julian Assange; they've been trying to arrange an interrogation for him for the longest time. Their client's been keen to clear his name, but Borgström and Ny, together with Carl Bildt, continue to lie, bluff, and obfuscate.

With their backs to the wall, Borgström and Ny are now complaining about less than ideal circumstances for interrogations abroad (which seem to work nicely for the rest of the union).

Olsson and Samuelson, considered the country's foremost legal champions, go on the attack in today's SvD. And they're not willing to pull their punches anymore.

Likely Swedish Police Interrogate

Lawyer Claes Borgström fires off 'eine grausame salbe' at the undersigned as legal counsel for Julian Assange. We are accused of misleading the readers and having the incredible audacity to voice our opinion regarding what most benefits the clients.

Obviously we and Claes Borgström have different views on what's involved in 'speedy process'. He seems to believe the speediest way to process a case is to do nothing at all. We leave it to the reader to determine who's misleading whom.

But in such case, the reader should be aware of a grievous technical error in the statements of Borgström and the prosecutor.

'An interrogation with Assange at the Ecuador embassy is conducted by the English police who in advance are given the list of the questions to be asked', says Borgström. This is false. The British authorities get to determine how the interrogation is to be conducted, but in all the cases we've been involved in, they have left it to Swedish prosecutors and police to themselves conduct the interrogation just as it would be conducted back home in Sweden. And it would surely be this way even in this case.

Nor is there any limitation on the questions that may be asked. At an interrogation in London, the Swedish police and prosecutors are free to ask any questions they like. Assange will answer them all.

In conclusion, we are forced to note that the prosecutor, by doing nothing, is in violation of the requirement for speedy process, is hiding behind false claims about how interrogations are conducted in London, and thereby is stubbornly giving Assange special negative treatment.

To what extent this benefits the complainants is something for which Borgström believes we should not offer our opinion.

But we believe, in all honesty, that everyone involved benefits by progress in the preliminary investigation, something that can only can happen if the interrogation of Assange in London takes place as soon as possible.



Swedish defence attorneys for Julian Assange

'Bildt is bluffing, Ny is bluffing, Borgström is bluffing. Wherefore all this mendacity?' asks Aleksanterinkatu of the Flashback forum. 'This is something more and more people must ask themselves.'

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