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By Ingegerd and Sten-Ove Bergwall.

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Society made a mistake. To grasp the extent of this 'mistake', and to be able to explain how something like this could happen, commissions have now been appointed in both Norway and Sweden.

Sture is free after 23 years behind bars. They've finally recanted and acquitted him and given him back his freedom. But do they offer to help him in his new station in life? Do they ask him where he'd like to live? Do they offer him any support?

No. Now he's free. Let's hope he manages OK. But where do we find the social care we're so famous for? Or to quote the Bible: am I to take care of my brother?

Society really got rebuffed. Agencies and care institutions have really hurt him. So we now expect society to take responsibility and make amends, repair the damage done. So what do they do?

Riiiiight: society will 'check up' on him.

The hospital, Christer van det Kwast, Seppo Penttinen, Birgitta Ståhle, SÅ Christiansson, Claes Borgström: no one has to check up on them. But Sture doesn't get off that easy, not even with all those overturned verdicts and new acquittals.

By talking vaguely about a 'care plan' and his release, society can give a pretence of actively supporting Sture when he finally leaves the hospital. They give the pretence of really helping him. That's a falsehood. One of many similar details: after 23 years of massive malpractice, he's not offered any help in moving out of the hospital, he gets no ride to his new residence, he gets nothing - not even after his spinal injury.

Sture's release is a direct consequence of the acquittals. Society now shifts responsibility for Sture's welfare over to us, his elderly siblings and our families. They ignored us during the Quick years, they hid away our testimony and our statements, they denied us the opportunity to officially comment on the bizarre therapy they'd inflicted on him.

Sture is in our hearts, and of course he has a place in our lives. He's even a Swedish citizen and should be treated as such - and not as a persona non grata.

The scandals in the Quick case must not be hidden away. The appointed commissions bear a grave responsibility.


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