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By Sture Bergwall.

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I know what freedom is. After 23 years behind bars at Säter, I know it.

Talk shows talk about me, wonder if I'll be able to handle freedom. Talk show hosts ask pseudo-intelligent questions of people who've themselves never been behind bars.

I'm the one who knows what freedom is.

Actually I was already free the day I sobered up and ended their therapy. The step I'm taking now, leaving that institution in southern Dalecarlia, is merely the final step on my road to freedom (which also is the subtitle of my blog).

I know what freedom is. It can be:

When my sister says she'll skip cooking dinner on Friday and order pizza instead.

When my brother's getting bored and motors to Storulvån.

When Rigmor moves her writing den to the small house.

When Ulf decides to make a new shelf for all the books he's going to give away as presents.

When Thomas goes with his children to daycare.

When Martin opens his own law firm.

When Örjan buys a puppy and dotes on it.

When Torvald writes a sermon deep from the heart.

When Elle moves from Småland to Skåne.

When Ingegerd makes a new work of art.

When I walk straight ahead.

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