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Assange Case: Ny's Assistant to London

She's formally asked permission of the UK and Ecuador. Buy those lottery tickets now.

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STOCKHOLM/LONDON (Rixstep) — It looks like Marianne Ny's going to do it after all. Not personally of course but through her deputy. But still and all. A Swedish prosecutor of some rank may be on the road soon to London to have a chitchat with Julian Assange.

It took only how many years again?

Marianne Ny has now formally asked the British authorities for Mutual Legal Assistance for questioning WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, and she's also requested the cooperation of Ecuador authorities. Word has it that this questioning will take place in the summer of 2015 - 'sometime in June or July'.

But Marianne Ny won't be going herself - oh no. She'll be sending her new assistant Ingrid Isgren (pictured left above) who replaced the original assistant Erika Lejnefors who's now moved on. (Lejnefors expressed scepticism about the case to outsiders, but there's no known connection between this and her subsequent 'transfer'.)

The Swedish prosecutors have been very 'tight lipped' about the whole thing, according to Dagens Juridik, insisting that 'information about the date and time [for the interrogation] will not be divulged'.

In case anyone was interested, Ingrid Isgren will not speak to the media when in London either, this out of respect for the confidentiality of the preliminary investigation; further that no information on the results of the interrogation either will be revealed.

DJ Comments

Dagens Juridik is a very serious jurisprudence site, run by and visited by people who have a serious interest in the law. The comments for the DJ article are of some interest.

'Of course they're tight-lipped about the questioning and won't be more precise than 'June or July'. Marianne Ny of course wants as little media attention as possible when people from her office make the trip to London, this after years of refusal to cooperate. This won't go well for her.'

'How strange that the impossible suddenly became possible.'

'Suddenly it's happening. First she told a British court that she's already decided to indict Assange. Then for the longest time she told everybody that it's not possible to interrogate Assange in England. Then the story was that it was impossible to question him if he wasn't on location in Sweden, this in case she would want to indict after all. And then like a lightning bolt from the heavens above, suddenly it's totally OK to question him in England! And hey - it's even legal after all! Buy those lottery tickets now.'

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