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Or 0.000000000000%, depending on what you'd be measuring.

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STOCKHOLM (Rixstep) — Swedish Journalism at its finest: the concerted 100% blackout on FOIA documents that have all but collapsed the case of Assange in Sweden is now into its fourth week. With over 150 news sites in the country, this lack of coverage may not be considered coincidental.

Swedish news site Journalisten covered a deeper look at another aspect of this duplicity only yesterday.


Following up on the claim of 44 other interrogations by the Swedes with people in Great Britain, Journalisten requested further info. It was found that 16 of the interrogations were with suspects - 36.363636363636%.

Journalisten were asked to publish the actual document from Home Office, but they refused.


Yet someone else in a Twitter thread could produce the document.

So all's good in the end, right?

No, not quite. For on 11 August of this year, Journalisten (and the same journo) tried to defend Marianne Ny and her sidekick Karin Rosander.


Journalisten's Johannes Nesser wrote:

'So it's not that 44 people who are suspected of crimes have been interrogated in Great Britain by Swedish prosecutors the past five years. It's likely witnesses that have been interviewed. Last year there were 97 EAWs issued by Swedish prosecutors, but only three of them were for suspects in Britain, according to statistics made available to Journalisten.'

Once again we find that Journalisten won't share their source documents, which calls the entire piece into question. And the above information proves to be false anyway, according to the same author three months later.

So much for the oxymoron known as 'Swedish journalism'.

  1. There's an irrepressible urge to defend national institutions without critical review.
  2. There's a medieval habit of withholding public information from the public at large.
  3. There's obviously a very bad habit of getting things very very wrong.
  4. And of course there's the ongoing desperation to keep the biggest story ever in the case of Assange in Sweden away from the Swedish people.

Given the way that Journalisten is the only Swedish language rag that's published any of this, given their indefensible reaction to defend the country's institutions without factual support, and given that even lowly Journalisten won't publish anything about the really big story, there's not much hope that the Swedish people will ever learn the truth.

That possibility's down to 0.000000000000%.

Postscript: Assange in Sweden's Cover Letter

Assange in Sweden sent out a letter on 29 October, ten days after the l'Espresso scoop, to a number of 'prominent' Swedes.


The site mentions the following:

'The above was sent to a number of journalists and jurists in Sweden. So far: no reply.'

Although the identities of the recipients have not yet been made public, site curators reveal the following.

  • One Swedish jurist responded with 'I will study the material with interest'. Nothing's been heard since.
  • The letter was also sent to a prominent blogger formerly working for the European Parliament.
  • It was also sent to an otherwise outspoken staff member at Sweden's Bar Association.
  • It was also sent to staff at the well known jurist website Dagens Juridik.

According to Assange in Sweden, there have been no other responses.

At time of writing, Swedish media are still holding to a 100% blackout.

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