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Swedish Justice 2015

'Sweden is what Tumblr would look like...'

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MALMÖ (Rixstep) — The Malmö Court of Appeal upheld a verdict from the District Court that sentenced a man to two years prison for rape. The man allegedly had sex with a woman whilst she slept.

It was last summer that the man, in his 40s and a resident of Landskrona, was at a party in a flat in Skåne.

The woman in question, in her 20s, was also at the party. She and many others, including the suspect, slept in the flat after the party.

The woman was wakened in the night by pain in her 'nether regions'. She says that she didn't initially understand what had happened, but she soon discovered that she was completely naked and there was the man hovering over her on his hands and knees. She kicked the man away from her and rushed into the bathroom.

The woman claims that she's had difficulty sleeping ever since and has been forced to take sedatives and sleeping pills. She's also been seeing a psychologist.

The man denies the accusations. He says he remembers nothing of the evening, as he was wildly drunk.

The District Court in Malmö recognises that there is no forensic evidence showing that the man actually had sex with the woman, and that there is no testimony from the others at the party in support of the claim.

But the court decided that the information given by the woman was so believable that it could be regarded as 'beyond a reasonable doubt' that the man had sex with her in her sleep.

Testimony from the others at the party indicates that the woman was 'in a fright', acting ashamed and crying, her hands shaking.

As for the man's claim that he has no memory of anything that night: the court found that claim 'improbable'.

The day after the event, when questioned by the police, the man said it was 'possible' he'd had sex with 'a woman', and he was to further have asked the police on that occasion if he was now 'in trouble'.

The District Court sentenced the man to two years prison and damages in the amount of $15,000 for 'infringement compensation' as well as 'pain and suffering'.

The Malmö Court of Appeal upheld the verdict.

Sweden is what Tumblr would look like if it were a country.
 - Angry Foreigner

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