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Assange & UNWGAD, Bonnier & Taxi Stockholm

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LJUSTERGRÄND/MARRICKVILLE/STOCKHOLM (Radsoft) — Today it's been a full month, a leap year February, 29 days, since the UNWGAD ruled that the detention of Julian Assange was arbitrary, that the warrant against him should be rescinded, and that he should receive compensation.

Sweden's reaction for these past 29 days has been shock and silence. A great number of hysterical pieces appeared in the tabloids, but none of them looked at the ruling itself, obsessed as they were with the horrific fait accompli that their lovely country had indeed been found guilty.

On the last day of last month - a full 24 days after the ruling - Bonnier broadsheet DN.se mustered the courage to at last publish an actual review.


Then things reverted to typical duckpond silliness, with a so-called 'rebuttal' by a hapless taxi driver. One wonders how many readers can make enough sense out of the gibberish to understand it's gibberish.


The author - cabbie Göran Rudling of Taxi Stockholm - seems to regard his publication as a victory, but a swift perusal of the actual facts in the case shows that he's sorely lacking in skills in English and jurisprudence, not to say good old common sense.

Rudling goes on to intimate that he's discovered a mastermind behind a global conspiracy! And who is this mastermind? Goebbels? Nosferatu? Try the former chair of the UNWGAD. Cabbie Rudling promises to soon publish shocking revelations.

Here's a brief bio of the 'mastermind', Mads Andenæs, from Wikipedia.

Mads Andenæs (born 1957) is a legal academic and the UN Special Rapporteur on arbitrary detention and the chair of the UN Working Group on Arbitrary Detention. He is a professor at the Faculty of Law of the University of Oslo, the former Director of the British Institute of International and Comparative Law, London and the former Director of the Centre of European Law at King's College, University of London.

He holds the degrees of Cand.Jur. (University of Oslo), PhD (University of Cambridge) and MA and DPhil (University of Oxford).

He is a Research Fellow of the Institute of European and Comparative Law, University of Oxford and a Senior Research Fellow at the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, University of London.

He was Visiting Professor at University of Paris I (Sorbonne) in 2006 and University of Rome La Sapienza in 2002-2009. In 2002-2003 he held the Chaire W J Ganshof van der Meersch under the Fondation Philippe Wiener-Maurice Anspach at the Université Libre de Bruxelles. In 2005 he was a Fellow of Netherlands Institute for Advanced Study in the Humanities and Social Sciences (NIAS).

The mind boggles. Haven't people sprinkled enough mustard seeds on their roofs, mounted mirrors on their front doors, built water fountains on their property, planted Rosa acicularis and Crataegus monogyna all around, consumed copious quantities of garlic, and stashed away an arsenal of stakes whittled out of ash?

And what nobody can understand is how DN.se, a formerly prestigious broadsheet, Sweden's leading such, could publish such gibberish without critical review. Are they and their government so desperate to defend their country that they resort to the use of sex stalker Rudling? A new nadir in such case.

Who is this Rudling that Bonnier DN.se enlisted to respond to the UNWGAD and to the first piece linked above? Some sort of Harvard professor? Some current or former UN judicial specialist? Nope. Rudling is a taxi driver, a notorious Internet troll whose only claim to fame was to find the deleted tweets of a once upon a time Assange accuser. And he didn't actually find those tweets anyway - Flashback found them, and he happened to be trolling their forum at the time.

That Sweden be so desperate that they use a broadsheet, which in turn is so desperate that all they find at the very bottom of the barrel is a taxi driver... That's desperate indeed.

Far better to study the first link above which explains what's really going on, in language almost anyone save the taxi driver can understand.

Support for the UNWGAD ruling continues to grow. So far there are 143 Italian MPs and MEPs; 220 Spanish MPs and MEPs; and additionally over 500 luminaries, including four (4) Nobel Peace Prize laureates; fifty international law professors, former judges and jurists; and over 100 academics from 65 universities.

Any substantial mention of any of this in Sweden's and Bonnier's premiere broadsheet?

All they have so far is one clinically deranged taxi driver who once complained of a brain tumour, a taxi driver who once (7 April 2011) wrote this.

'The law is not to protect people who for various reasons have chosen not to protect themselves. Chief prosecutor Eva Finné adopted a Decision on 25 August which I perceive to be the right decision. Sofia's story is credible. There is nothing criminal in Sofia's story. Neither rape, sexual coercion, sexual harassment or molestation. Under current legislation, there is no way to see that a crime has been committed. Why Marianne Ny continues to pursue this case, I can not understand. There is not even a basis for a prosecution. It is impossible to find Julian Assange guilty of rape.'

Rudling was embroiled in a stalking case.


nice of you to write.

i came to sweden in feb 2012 to figure his ambiguous position out,
i was surprised he came on to me and sexually harassed me.
in the interest of continuing to obtain intel from him, i tolerated it.
hence the leak of his penis email, eventually.

i found it highly ironic as sexual harassment of me, as i am investigating issues of safety to women, was very stupid.

And was totally outed by his victim.


One day I realised that my penis was the only penis I had... Since then I think I have the most fantastic penis in the world. And it is mine... Every morning you have to stand in front of a mirror naked and turn around and look at yourself and say out loud that you like what you see and that you love your body. Same thing in the evening. And a couple of times during the day you should strip in front of a mirror and take yourself all in. And I think you should walk around naked more often.

If you like we could spend some more time, have a few drinks and talk about what pops up in our heads. If you haven't been to the Gondolen bar you have to see it. An international bar with the best view in town.

If you like to, how about tonite?

DN.se's Wolo and Caspar, trying to traipse around Bonnier HQ in shoes that are far too big, have been in a lot of hot water recently. They've been found to be running an 'agenda' of their own, skewing and censoring and omitting world news to fit what their employers find 'appropriate'. But this is a new low watermark even for them.

So what does my penis have to do with your trench coat?
 - Göran Rudling
A taxi company with value, always at your service!
 - Taxi Stockholm

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