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Assange Says Goodbye to Sweden (2)

Second and final day of projected three. A scrapbook and a report.

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KNIGHTSBRIDGE (Rixstep) — The interview with Julian Assange has concluded. Assange's Swedish attorney Per E Samuelson was still not let inside. Marianne Ny had 57 questions to ask and all were answered.

Two days was enough. Then Sweden's prosecution authority announced that the interview was over. The results will be presented by Ecuador to Marianne Ny.

But according to Per E Samuelson, 57 questions were asked of Assange. And as the interview has concluded, Assange's attorneys are now of the opinion that the six-year arrest warrant should be rescinded.

'Swedish courts have used the interview to argue for not quashing the warrant. But now that obstacle has been removed. So we shall try once more. Given Assange's precarious situation, the warrant must be quashed', says Per E Samuelson.

Remains in Embassy

But Assange will most likely remain at the embassy anyway. Assange says the British authorities would still try to arrest him if he steps outside.

'This is true, but we have to remove one obstacle at a time. This is like a game of jack straws', says Samuelson.

It's still not clear why Samuelson was not allowed to be present. Samuelson says Assange was forced to make a hasty decison whether to continue even without his defence attorney.

'He told me he felt forced to. He's waited six long years for this. He says that if he hadn't, he'd have been blamed', says Samuelson.

Samuelson says assistant Swedish prosecutor Ingrid Isgren should have interceded when Samuelson was stopped by Ecuador prosecutor Wilson Toainga.

'She should have done something. She should have stopped the interview and insisted that this was not proper procedure.'

Assange was assisted instead by an Ecuador defence attorney.

'But that wasn't an attorney who knows anything about Swedish law or anything about the case itself, and that's dangerous', says Samuelson.


Assange was visited prior to the first day of interview by old friend Pamela Anderson.

Anderson, also an old friend of Sir Paul, brought the WikiLeaker some vegan treats, and, as always, took notes of their conversation.

'The Swedish claims are bogus', wrote Pam in a blistering piece published later the same day.

'I have visited Julian a few times now. I bring him healthy vegan food and we talk about personal issues as well as politics.

'I can make him smile and laugh and we enjoy our tender hugs goodbye. I have a very soft spot for Julian.

'I flew to London to see him and to show my continued support. He is a brilliant human being.'

This time Pam brought chia seed vegan puddings, vegan muffins, fruit, fresh juice, and almond milk cappuccinos.

'Something healthy while he prepares for variations of the worst. He hasn't slept well and it's hard not to know what will happen next. He is under tremendous stress and uncertainty.'

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