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It's Not Assange

Britain can't use Sweden as a scapegoat anymore.

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KNIGHTSBRIDGE (Rixstep) — The siege is over. After nearly seven years of turning stones, Sweden's Marianne Ny finally gave it up. There is no longer an arrest warrant in Sweden for Julian Assange, and there is no longer an European Arrest Warrant either. Nor is there, presumably, an Interpol Red Notice.

Julian Assange is a free man.

Well mostly. He's still incarcerated in the Ecuador Embassy at 3 Hans Crescent in London. But why?

The Brits still insist they'll nick him if he departs. For what reason? Oh, for jumping bail. Something he or anyone else is entitled to do in those circumstances.

But does that matter?

The Brits could always point to Sweden up to now. When, for example, William Hague gave the nod to storm the embassy and break down the bloody Vienna Convention and bring the whole entire world of international diplomacy crashing down.

All for a condom. Yeah right.

But they had that excuse to use back then. They don't have it anymore.

And Hague couldn't have been working in a vacuum. Cameron had to be in on it. And if Dave was there, then it's not likely good old Barack was not.

All for a condom. Yeah right.

It's not Assange. Not about him. Not personally. It's about what he represents.

Pam Foundation

Pamela Anderson published a love letter the other day. Swedish media actually picked it up.

Pam's heart is with Julian. 'No matter where I am, I can't forget this man isolated in the Ecuadorean Embassy', she writes as she readies her vegan restaurant for the grand opening coming in a few days. 'Think of a man putting everything aside to stand up to bullies, to say enough is enough, to take a stand for justice and truth', she continues.

But one man's truth is another man's poison. It never was about condoms. It was about silencing the truth.

Pam goes on to invite Emmanuel Macron and Brigitte Trogneux to her restaurant (as it's in France). 'Join me on the day I open the doors, and we will sit and eat good food and discuss what can be done for Julian', she writes.

Pam also reaches out to Theresa May, Jeremy Corbyn, Trump, and China.

It's Not Assange

It's not Assange - the Swedish case and the surrounding circus, that is. But as for his still being confined to the embassy: of course it is. It always has been.

But there are no excuses now. Britain can't use Sweden as a scapegoat anymore.

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