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Edited by Host, Flawed by Design 2007-12-29
Apple are blackholing complaints about what some claim is deliberately flagging manufacturing quality.

Teachers Ed Newville PA 2007-12-26
From zip to total Internet savvy in an easy seven step course.

xabatch 2007-12-24
Finally a way for admins to manage file system extended attributes.

Diva Stubs Her Little Toe 2007-12-24
Do like Robin Hood: a Good Thing™.

Contact the Vendor for an Updated Version II 2007-12-22
You weren't supposed to underestimate!

Apple Shut Down Think Secret 2007-12-21
Freedom of speech and the constitution in the US don't prevail.

Active Directory in Leopard? Nope! 2007-12-19
Curiouser and ridiculouser by the minute.

Apple Redact, Close Down Intuit Thread 2007-12-19
If there's a scandal brewing it's their own fault. If they get hurt it's their own fault too.

CVE-2007-5850 2007-12-18
You're permitted to be speechless.

The QuickBooks Disaster 2007-12-17
It works as designed. By Apple. Terribly.

Small Flaws Best Denied 2007-12-16
And a wave of the magic censor wand and they're gone.

Out of Work Barbozo 2007-12-16
He did it.

Back to Work in Cupertino 2007-12-15
Fix your bugs you slimy worms. Updated daily.

Writing Code in Cupertino 2007-12-14
It's dirty work but someone's got to do it.

Bug Three 2007-12-10
And Award Three.

Burpin' Safari 2007-12-08
They refuse to fix it so you might as well have some fun with it.

Contact the Vendor for an Updated Version 2007-12-06
Never underestimate the number of pinhead programmers in Cupertino.

Five Criminals. No Coincidence. 2007-11-30
Give us the keys to your website you fucking cocksucking motherfucker.

MacScam 2007-11-29
'May the scene scorn you.'

2007-06-04: Time to Give Up 2007-11-26
'More than a year has gone since the raid on The Pirate Bay. This travesty of justice gets bigger for every day that passes.' Translated from the Expressen editorial of 4 June 2007.

A Reek of Filth 2007-11-26
Roswall intimates he's ready but what exactly does that mean?

A Leopard Mail Vulnerability 2007-11-25
Apple Mail is again vulnerable to a cheap exploitation in Leopard. This according to Edward Henning of Heise Security. This 'security hole' was given a perfunctory (cheap) band-aid fix for Tiger; now the band-aid's come loose.

The Tool's Tool's Tool™ 2007-11-24
Never pick up a bar of soap for your own Tool™.

Tracker 2.0: Origins 2007-11-24
Rixstep are releasing 'version 2.0' of their unique Tracker. Here a bit of the background.

Johnathan Right 2007-11-21
A new contender. The ultimate tool: the Tool's Tool.

MarsEdit 2.0.4 2007-11-21
Everybody knows what .Trashes is, right?

M A L C O R 2007-11-21
Something's rotten to the core says Malcor.

Virtual Furniture Thieves So Busted 2007-11-15
The international VI (Virtual Interpol) strike again.

Giddy Gadi 2007-11-06
There are evidently several viruses going around. Some evidently produce delirium and nonsensical babbling.

Leopard 'Firewall' Breaks Skype, Warcraft 2007-11-06
Say goodbye to packet level filtering.

Apple's File System APIs 2007-11-06
Time to journey down that rabbit hole again.

Hold Off on Trimmit 2007-11-04
Published by Rixstep at Version Tracker.

trance 2007-11-03
'what kind of problem are you having specifically?'

The Real Hustle™ 2007-11-02
There's nothing the Landed Gentry of Security would love more than to make the Internet unsafe for everyone.

Leopard Firewall: What a Turnoff!!1! 2007-11-02
Shock and horror hits the blogosphere.

Trimmit vs Xslimmer 2007-11-01
Some pictures are worth more than a thousand bytes.

Codec Exploit on the Loose 2007-11-01
Just don't run any installers for a while.

Leopard Roundup Day 5 2007-10-30
A review of how 10.5 is looking through the eyes of those looking at it.

Trimmit: Cheap 'n' Easy 2007-10-29
Give a damn.

APE Bites Leopard 2007-10-27
It's unsane.

Apple! Where's 10.4.11? 2007-10-26
'Upgrade to Leopard if you don't like the bugs.'

Twas the Night Before Leopard 2007-10-25
Apologies to Clement Moore.

Poll: Leopard's New Features 2007-10-25
Results of a CLIX Exchange survey on Apple's new OS.

CLIX 1.8.1: The Final Tygar 2007-10-22
The final Tiger release of CLIX is out - version 1.8.1.

AWS 1.8.1: The Final Tygar 2007-10-22
The final Tiger release of the ACP Web Services is out - version 1.8.1.

Rendition™ 2007-10-21
Will Leopard perform better than Tiger?

Leopard 2007-10-26 2007-10-16
At 18:00 at Apple's own stores and authorised resellers.

Mister Bill Gets Big 'Thank You' from Mother Russia 2007-10-14
Windows users have no clue what dupes they are. But the Russians do.

iBrick Hit by Nokia Broadside 2007-10-12
The market leading (38%) Finns on the attack.

Apple Pick Up Six at 2007 T3 Awards 2007-10-12
UK gadget freaks pick their favourites.

US President, White House Dispute Nobel Committee Decision 2007-10-12
In a terse comment to the press a spokesperson recommended viewing a media clip previously issued to Fox News.

UN, Gore Win 2007 Nobel Peace Prize 2007-10-12
Shared 50/50.

Holman et al vs Apple et al 2007-10-11
The court documents in the $800 million class action filed against Apple and AT&T. From the iBrick News Network.

M$ Web Beaconz™ 2007-10-10
Another de novo innovation from the company you can't trust. So ridiculous only their own font can describe it.

Be stupid. Connect. 2007-10-07
Surpassing the expectations of HIPAA. Today.

Macs: On Campus, In Office? 2007-10-07
At Princeton they're up 400%. How about on Madison Avenue?

Recidivist M$ Up to New Tricks 2007-10-04
You lose with SCO you just try something new. There's little to lose.

Greetings Tbilisi 2007-10-04
ATMs aren't what they used to be. Or maybe they are.

Early iPhone Adopters Thanks For Your Support 2007-10-01
At the Market/Powell Muni stop in San Francisco.

Gmail Cross-site Request Exploit 2007-10-01
Brought to you by the people who don't care about security and don't destroy anything.

M$ Tangled in Own WU Confusion 2007-09-27
They're still too greedy to do the right thing.

Boston Legal 2007-09-26
Investors want insight into Apple's stock options shenanigans - and are getting it.

Happy OneWebDay 2007-09-22
OneWebDay comes once a year on 22 September.

GNOME MacBuntu 2007-09-20
Step aside for user friendliness. The lobotomised kind.

Hacker Finally Publishes Notorious Apple Wi-Fi Attack 2007-09-20
It's no longer under NDA.

M$ Bott & Billy Rubin 2007-09-19
It's a dermatological condition known for discolouring olfactory extremities.

Integrated Fingerprint Reader 2007-09-18
'In an environment full of complexity and increasing security risks customers are looking for easy and secure ways to log on to personal computers and networks.' They don't care how much malfeasant shit gets on those boxes as long as their mates can't get in there too.

537.264 2007-09-18
Why is Apple's iPhone so outrageously priced in the UK? It's not Apple's fault - it has to do with transportation costs.

SCO File Chapter 11 2007-09-15
PJ's due a huge box of chocolates.

$100 Apple Store Credit 2007-09-15
For early iPhone owners. '$100', 'Apple Store', 'iPhone', and 'MacWeb 3.0' are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. All rights reserved.

Apple Universal Web Wiki™: No Gag 2007-09-15
MacWeb 3.0™ is real.

Apple Universal Web Wiki™ 2007-09-14
Apple's best of breed web browser allows in place editing of - any website.

Apple Sell 999,999 iPhones!!1! 2007-09-08
Soon all the fanboy sites will be reporting on the one millionth iPhone sale but remember: you got the news here first.

$100 Credit: Fanboy Power!!1! 2007-09-06
After first telling the early adopter iPhone fanboys to 'live with it' Steve Jobs did an about face and promised a $100 Apple store credit to all current owners of the $599 iPhone.

The $399 iPhone: MR Fanboys Gone Wild!!1! 2007-09-06
A selection of spicy quotes from the inner circle of (now betrayed) faithful.

Steve-0's Wednesday 2007-09-05
Today's news from Gadget Town USA.

The ACP/Xfile Academic Series
Don't Let Them Laugh at You 2007-08-27
CS 101: Linux Has All You Need 2007-08-27
Punching Your Way Out of the Paper Bag 2007-08-27
There's Ways Around Everything 2007-08-27
What You Get (That You Don't Already Have) 2007-08-27
Something Else You Don't Get 2007-08-27
Something More You Don't Otherwise Get 2007-08-27
Still More You Don't Otherwise Get 2007-08-27

Tom Cruise School of Computer Security 2007-09-05
Shoot man! They're EVERYWHERE!

A Time to Patch 2007-09-05
Apple's security scorecard for 2006 now online.

The New (Unofficial) #1 Supercomputer 2007-09-02
And it's in the hands of Dr Evil, good people!

MPAA 2007-09-01
Please feel sorry for them. They deserve your sympathy and support.

Accidentally 2007-09-01
Things like this happen - keep telling yourself things like this happen.

M$: Fixing Elections (Again) 2007-08-31
Microsoft outed for rigging standards vote on their controversial 'Office Open XML'.

Welcome to Chetek 2007-08-29
We have the best porn links in the world!!1!

A Patch Comparison 2007-08-28
ISE's Charlie Miller responds to 'criticism'.

How Many Brain Cells Fit in a Pinhead? 2007-08-28
Floating point and integer answers in excess of four digits not allowed.

I Shall Not Sleep 2007-08-25
Microsoft are unleashing woes on the Internet again.

MS ActiveOrwell™ 2007-08-21
The 23rd letter of the English alphabet is all it takes.

iPhone AT&T & Me 2007-08-20
AT&T score big with Kate Bohner. 'This bill is so unbelievably complex I think it was designed by some sleep deprived writer after a forty eight hour crystal meth binge. The designer of this bill - whoever you are - I suggest you seek treatment.'

Into the Great Wide Open 2007-08-20
iPhone hackers are making some noise because they're learning to fly. It's almost too good to be true.

$5,086.66 2007-08-18
Some people should just drink a cup of shut the F up.

Friedman 2007-08-17
Stupidity's been redefined.

MacTechAspen 2007-08-16
MacTechAspen wins The Technological's 'I'm So Fucking Stupid I Want To Shout It To The World!' Award™.

Proper Decimal 2007-08-15
If it isn't the hackers and the Enderles it's the version numbers.

Intel Only Inside 2007-08-14
PC OEMs increasingly focus on style and design. Applewhite abandons Apple fanboys.

'Rearchitecturing' 2007-08-12
When your back's to the wall - use a big word that doesn't exist.

Tough Week to Be a Fanboy 2007-08-11
Things actually happened for once.

ACP-Academic 2007-08-09
Rixstep announce 'ACP-Academic', a specially rebated Xfile package for the academic community. ACP-Academic and Xfile have - in addition to the flagship Xfile System- a dozen additional closely integrated file management utilities.

Hacking the iPhone: Andy Greenberg Interviews Charlie Miller 2007-08-08
It's the same message that's been repeated at this site for years.

Fake Daniel Lyons 2007-08-08
He's been outed not once but twice and he's not exactly loved.

It's in the Numbers 2007-08-08
Apple reach a tipping point by releasing the one office application long conspicuous in its absence.

The Right to Read: Macworld's iPhone Wish List 2007-08-07
In the world of the Mac Macworld reigns nearly supreme. But a glance at what's done there irrevocably brings thoughts to what life must have been like immediately prior to the invention of the printing press.

iPhone Unlocked 2007-08-06
Norwegian VG Nett are reporting the iPhone open for European use.

Hacking Windows: Just as Easy as You'd Think 2007-08-04
Wherein it's demonstrated just how vulnerable ALL versions of Windows are. Molly receives an MS Office attachment and seconds later her computer is completely owned (at system level) and her bank account is empty.

Invalid User 8655518 2007-08-04
They came for you.

To Catch a Predator Backfires for NBC Dateline 2007-08-04
'Don't let the door hit ya where the dog should've bit ya!'

Fanboys Will Believe Anything 2007-08-04
'The author is anonymous, so while I can not take credit for this article, I agree with the points made.'

'How I Hacked the iPhone' 2007-08-03
As promised former NSA security researcher Charlie Miller revealed all at Black Hat.

UPnP IGD: Disabled 2007-08-02
Apple address security exploit by turning things off.

Flakey Behaviour 2007-08-02
Renowned security expert Halvar Flake denied entry to US for Black Hat.

iPhone iPatched 2007-08-01
Apple release 'iPhone v1.0.1 Update' - their first firmware update.

Dvorak: The Wind Blows 2007-07-31
One thing's certain: when the universally castigated hopelessly inept and antiquated John Dvorak comes out on the side of Apple and OS X something is very wrong. Either that or the age old tried and true technique of baiting fanboys with barbs isn't working any longer.

Scapegoat 2007-07-27
'Rice and Strickland are going to be looking for a scapegoat', wrote The Technological on 19 June. 'Jared already knows who that is.'

iPhone: Anatomy of a Fiasco 2007-07-26
Oh it's a fiasco all right - but who's fiasco is it?

JerryLeeCooper 2007-07-24
From the ZD forums.

iPhone Hack to be Patched 2007-07-24
The Independent Security Evaluators team not only found a security flaw in the iPhone and not only contacted Apple with details of the flaw on 17 July but also sent along instructions in how to patch it, revealed Johns Hopkins computer science professor Avi Rubin on his blog today.

iPhone Hacked 2007-07-24
Apple have been informed. Full details of the exploit will be made available on 2 August at Black Hat.

Yellow Submarine Sinks, George Harrison Weeps 2007-07-23
An MP3 player that's going to actually weep? Yes say reliable sources.

AppZapper 1.8.0: A Fairy Tale? 2007-07-18
AppZapper does not and by definition cannot 'find all the extra files' as the authors claim. AppZapper doesn't even come close. AppZapper is compared side by side with Tracker on a test run of the Safari web browser.

Ripanucci 2007-07-18
Some will do anything for five nanoseconds of fame. Care was taken to precisely preserve the appearance of this remarkable document.

Apple Mail — Again? 2007-07-16
Mark Pilgrim got out. He ran for it. One program scared him more than all the rest. This isn't a case of bad or bugged code - as with so many issues Apple users have grieved over these past two years it's about poor design decisions and extremely poor judgement.

The QuickTime 7.2 Disaster 2007-07-15
Did quality control get the sack?

Will It Blend? 2007-07-11
Don't breathe the iSmoke.

Centerfuse.net Hardcore Music Messageboard 2007-07-10
There's a reason it says 'slippery when wet'.

How do I install without admin privelages??? 2007-07-09
The life of an intern.

iPhone Bootloader: Hackint0sh Progress Report 2007-07-09
'We have another in.'

Michael Tiemann 2007-07-08
Michael Tiemann is VP of open source affairs at Red Hat Linux as well as president of the Open Source Initiative. He used to be the chief technical officer of Red Hat. As of today he's a cheap attention whore.

Website error 2007-07-07
'Can you help out? We need a list of ALL PAGES which have this error.'

First off, thank you for clicking the link 2007-07-07
But don't spread it.

Ysabella Brave 2007-07-04
YouTube today aren't the YouTube that was. Today Google are running the show. And whilst they can be expected to bow to the interests of the Chinese government or threats by Sumner Murray Redstone, they're totally uninterested in helping a cute frightened contributor who today is ranked #32 on the entire site.

Alpine Dottie 2007-07-03
Landon Fuller must have returned to Apple. He might be getting help from Arno Goudrol.

Core 2 Duo: Bugged Beyond Belief? 2007-07-02
Theo de Raadt is worried but Linus Torvalds is not. Who's right?

iPhone: A Bit of This, A Bit of That 2007-07-01
'The light approaching you is not daylight at the end of the tunnel.'

Effective UID: 0 2007-07-01
Apple's iPhone is crashing. Already. Already there are crash dumps posted on the net.

OpenTerminal™ 1.0.2 — 110% Opacity 2007-06-29
When things happen they happen fast. AppleWorld caught up with Rixstep for the third time today to talk about the latest on this groundbreaking application.

OpenTerminal™ 1.0.1, 2007-06-29
When things happen they happen fast. AppleWorld again caught up with Rixstep for the latest on this groundbreaking application.

OpenTerminal™: The AppleWorld Interview 2007-06-29
AppleWorld caught up with the authors of OpenTerminal™ for an exclusive interview.

Do you have Facebook? 2007-06-29
Brin/Page/Schmidt are amateurs compared to this lot.

P-Day Approaches, X-Day Waits 2007-06-26
A buzz that's become a roar.

The Technological — SEu}{ALLwY-EXPLlCIT 2007-06-23
A brief look at the sweet face of spam along with a direct accusation.

The Technological — What's the Point? 2007-06-22
For real news read the MacInTouch readers report or the Apple discussion forums. For the laughs stick around here.

The Technological — Rice & Strickland 2007-06-19
Rice and Strickland are going to be looking for a scapegoat. Jared already knows who that is.

Zero Day Wednesday the 13th 2007-06-16
Microsoft patch their software too. Ahem.

FBI Target Windows 2007-06-15
And it's about time.

Xfile: 'Every Day' 2007-06-14
Rixstep release a new trial version of their 'standalone' Xfile (with another fourteen file management accessories). And it now runs twice as often.

The Technological — The Dark Side of Steve Jobs 2007-06-14
'Every week another individual posts a thread describing strange vertical lines on his M9689. He or she has of course no idea that the topic was quite widespread because all the posts are gone. As soon as anybody mentions the database, his or her post is deleted. Aware of this, I told a guy to 'put the words bridget riley powerbook into his favourite Internet search engine'. Even that post is gone today.'

The Technological — Safari 2007-06-14
It's not only dangerous - it's stupid.

Dvorak Uncensored 2007-06-14
'When you're born you get a ticket to the freak show. When you're born in America you get a front row seat. And when you're too close to John Dvorak you get a back stage pass.'

Safari Quotes 2007-06-14
Culled by members of the CLIX Exchange. Erudition's on the rise.

Monkey Bites 2007-06-14
'These new tests change everything', the famous resident of Cupertino told Rixstep. 'Safari is clearly behind other browsers by as much as half a Mississippi.'

Mary Jo Foley 2007-06-12
It's really incomprehensible anyone could be this stupid. But this is Mary Jo Foley so maybe an exception's in order.

What's Maynor Doing? 2007-06-12
Either Microsoft are incredibly sloppy and can't produce diagnostics for any of their many crashes or David Maynor's picture is a hoax.

Holy Safari! 2007-06-12
Apple's ultra secure web browser now ported to Windows perforated repeatedly within hours of release.

Reflections in the Dock 2007-06-11
OS X Leopard is true 64-bit but the dock is the dazzler.

Race to the Bottom 2007-06-11
Google rated 'hostile' by major privacy rights organisation.

The Technological 20070608,01 — Wanna Buy a Fish? 2007-06-08
'I'm using Safari Version 2.0.4 (419.3), and Mac OS X version 10.4.9.'

It Can Be Said 2007-06-08
It can finally be said: all along we've been evasive about exactly what the police walked off with that day. And there was a good reason for it.

European Court of Human Rights 2007-06-08
Under Article 34 of the European Convention on Human Rights and Rules 45 and 47 of the Rules of Court.

Steve Takes a Leak 2007-06-07
The world of Apple assume Jonathan Schwartz preempted Steve Jobs about ZFS on Leopard. Oh the fools.

The Technological 20070605,01 — Pascal Pfiffner 2007-06-05
You can't make this shit up. Further proof fiction can't hold a candle to reality.

The Technological 20070605,00 — Gmail 2007-06-05
'There are thousands of PhDs working at Google to make 1984 a reality.'

OS X Unlimited Client Edition 2007-06-04
Apple have a chance to move closer to the market tipping point - will they take it?

Xfile: 'Every Other Day' 2007-06-04
Rixstep release a new trial version of their 'standalone' Xfile (with another fourteen file management accessories).

CLIX, ACP Web Services 1.8.0a 2007-06-01
Rixstep update two popular freeware tools for OS X.

Denmark: Forbrugerstyrelsen Condemn Apple 2007-05-31
Apple have denied it all along, but their iBook G4 indeed has an 'original design flaw'.

Perceptive Pixel 2007-05-31
What do you want to do today?

A Day at the BRC 2007-05-31
It's Allison's first day at her new job.

Keystroke Logger Trojan Dodges Antivirus Defences 2007-05-27
It's here, it's nasty, it's hungry for blood, and it's going to bite your head off.

It's Finally Here 2007-05-24
Dell offer three consumer systems with Ubuntu 7.04 starting today.

POWER6™ UNLEASHED 2007-05-23
New IBM processor doubles speed without adding to energy footprint, enabling customers to reduce electricity consumption by almost half; bandwidth to download entire iTunes catalog (5,000,000 tracks) in 60 seconds.

What Millions? 2007-05-22
The new website colorblindmac.com want Apple to revert to 16.7 million colours with their notebook LCD TFT displays but have any notebooks ever had so many colours?

The Technological — Code by Kevin™ 2007-05-20
When the day comes wannabe programmers can say scripting is better because they don't have to learn how to really program and the astoundingly and pompously ignorant blogosphere back them up, then it's time to look for the empty lifeboats.

The Technological — Adobe Systems 2007-05-20
It's time Adobe software engineers took crash courses in Unix™ and Security™ and it's time they decided if they're going to make the move to OS X - something Apple did ten years ago.

Microsoft's Generous EULA 2007-05-19
It's ironic that the world's by far worst computer software is also the most expensive. It's even more ironic that so many people buy it. But it's close to the ultimate in irony that for most Windows users that already exorbitant price has just doubled.

Apple's Two Bits 2007-05-18
The makers of the most expensive and advanced laptops in the world are being sued for fudging performance and statistics, for deceiving their consumer base, and for redacting and removing reports of the issues.

The Technological — Windows Users 2007-05-15
No Apple OS X systems were compromised by botnets or infected by malware today but over 250,000 Windows systems were. 250,000. Each and every day. The same as yesterday, the same as tomorrow. And the day after tomorrow. And the day after the day after tomorrow. And the day after the day after the day after tomorrow.

Marshall, Media Rights, Microsoft 2007-05-14
Sometimes it'd be good if clues could be passed out with a volume discount. Marshall, Media Rights, and Microsoft all need clues bad. Some of them might also benefit by a gentle tap from a Super Size Clue Bat™.

Google Find Web Dark Side, BBC Hide It 2007-05-12
Once again the journalistic integrity of the BBC News is being called into question.

Adobe on Drugs? 2007-05-09
Creative Suite beta users have run into snags when updating: things don't want to leave the trash. But as it turns out this is only the tip of the iceberg.

Spinal Tap Reunite for Live Earth 2007-05-09
This might be the only time this site will ever link to anything Microsoft.

Stunning. Breakthrough. Exciting. 2007-05-06
HP and Microsoft team up to give you a unique computing experience.

Steve Jobs' Unearned Free Ride 2007-05-03
Joe Nocera of the New York Times reveals further details about the Apple options scandal and poses the $872,000,000 question.

iTea Party 2007-05-02
Mark this day in your almanacs, diaries, memoirs: the day DRM may finally have begun its ignominious fade into the silver screen sunset.

09F911029D74E35BD84156C5635688C0 2007-05-01
In related news scores of Hollywood celebrities are to attend memorial services for Jack Valenti and thousands of others from all corners of the globe are expected to fly to Los Angeles to dance on his grave.

Xfile Unleashed! 2007-05-01
Rixstep release a 'standalone' version of Xfile (with another dozen file management accessories).

Apple Security: 'Please Hold - We're on iPhone!' 2007-04-25
Leopard isn't the only thing moved to the back burner.

Astroglide - Second Only to Nature 2007-04-24
One thing's certain: when you get data like the following in response to a HEAD request you can and should expect the worst.

The US Securities and Exchange Commission 2007-04-24
This article isn't about the US SEC being stupid; it's about them being cowards.

CanSecWest Produces Zero Day Safari Exploit 2007-04-21
After a number of false starts hackers in Vancouver were able to gain ordinary user access to a MacBook Pro through the Safari web browser. InfoWorld, home of Rob and Mary Enderle, tried to twist the news ever so slightly to favour their benefactor even as Daniel Eran Dilger's Roughly Drafted came to the counterattack to set things straight.

Dell Users: We Don't Want V*STA! 2007-04-21
After a deluge of complaints Dell Computer are retrofitting Microsoft's earlier OS on their new boxes.

Bill Gates: World Domination in Eight Years 2007-04-20
You think Microsoft's 95% market strangle is scary? Just wait. While Steve Jobs trims his two day beard and FOSS maniacs debate whether Richard Stallman should be allowed in public restrooms Bill Gates is working - and by 2015 reckons he'll have another one billion Windows users.

Of Pots and Kettles, Fanboys and Slanderers 2007-03-21
Photographers, musicians, stay at home soccer moms, and screenwriters notwithstanding: if Apple hadn't reacted the way Jobs did none of this would have ever happened.

Who Tripped? 2007-03-21
Of pots and kettles, fanboys and slanderers.

Who's on a String? 2007-03-21
No one can do anything at Apple without express approval of The One. Not even Lynn Fox. Odds are if you find a picture of her you'll see someone with a buzz cut, a two day beard, a black polo, jeans, and sneakers.

Dancing on a String 2007-03-21
George Ou publishes heretofore confidential undisclosed documents about the Ellch/Fox/Maynor brouhaha.

326 Lines of Code 2007-03-19
Is this the best you can do, Bill?

To Universal 2007-03-18
Most Rixstep software titles migrated in half a day.

Thinking of Getting a MacBook? Think Again. 2007-03-18
Credit Steve Jobs with another great technological innovation. Will iPhones explode like this too?

Illegal Primes 2007-03-12
It turns out that at least in the US and because of the good old DMCA certain numbers are illegal. Yes you read that right: certain numbers are illegal.

Bill Gates & DOJ II 2007-03-12
Fair is fair and even when it comes to a lying cheating scoundrel like Bill Gates it's sometimes necessary to set the record straight.

Domesticated 2007-03-11
240 pictures are worth 240,000 words.

Swedish Dina Pengar ('your money' - dinapengar.se) have to be running the world's dumbest site.

Hello Bill! 2007-03-09
Microsoft respect your privacy. Truly they do.

500,000 Viruses! 2007-03-06
Teh BBC are reporting that teh Austrian firm AV Comparatives are reporting that M$ antivirus products are teh suck.

LOUIS WHEELER 2007-03-05
You have to log in to Yahoo! to send or receive mail and DVDs are often reformatted to fit your television screen and if you peel rubber out of the drive-in and the plastic lid on your coffee mug is not properly secured your hot stuff can become hot stuff. These are known facts.

Oh The Focus 2007-03-05
Roughly Drafted have a great piece on Apple and Microsoft. There are a lot of angles to this piece but one of the main ones seems to be how both companies have mismanaged markets - and now it's Microsoft's turn. Both companies played splish splash 'in the Nile' and now it's Microsoft swimming with the crocs.

Oh The Irony 2007-03-04
Here's an operating system everyone wants but not everyone can have.

The Display Eater Shuffle 2007-03-02
Reza Hussain keeps playing with his audience.

Another High Quality Apple Computer DOA 2007-02-27
Another 'flawless' BMW leaves the factory - and right out of the box does things that were unthinkable only a few years ago.

Display Eater DID Hose Home Folders 2007-02-25
Reza Hussain admits in an interview Display Eater did in fact do what he's currently claiming it didn't do.

Display Eater: NIИ_6.jpg 2007-02-25
It would seem a rather well known resident of Garden City Louisiana is behind the (warped) embedded strings in Display Eater. Far be it from anyone to assume Reza got into self mutilation all on his own.

Display Eater Pathology? 2007-02-25
There's been a lot of talk of late about a fishy app called 'Display Eater'. It's made Slashdot and the comments at Version Tracker are unequivocal. Everyone's scared the app deliberately hoses computers. But the app is still available for download so staff here got a copy - not to run but just to inspect. What you see below are a few pickings using Rixstep's Xstrings. The question now is: what do we have on our hands here? Scroll through the list and see if you find something interesting.

Connecticut Idiots Gallery of Shame 2007-02-24
Here's data on the real culprits in the Julie Amero case.

Sing Alongside! (Part Two) 2007-02-24
Patron of the arts Mister Bill™ has begun the worldwide promotion of his new operating system involving huge rock concerts from Albert Hall to Albert Hall. Rixstep and YouTube are proud to give you highlights of the tour.

Sing Alongside! (Part One) 2007-02-24
Patron of the arts Mister Bill™ has begun the worldwide promotion of his new operating system involving huge rock concerts from Hyde Park to Hyde Park. Rixstep and YouTube are proud to give you highlights of the tour.

Ballmer: 'YOU STEAL MY SOFTWARE' 2007-02-19
In a total reprise of buddy Bill's incredibly snooty and stupid letter of thirty one years ago Microsoft's CEO Steve O Ballmer - aka the 'SOB' aka 'Fat Bastard' aka 'Monkey Boy' aka 'Fat Ugly Sweaty Baboon on Crack' aka 'Eric Schmidt's Very Best Friend' - claims less than encouraging sales stats for the company's recent OS non-event are due to theft.

Schnapper 2007-02-16
If you see Schnapper approaching, do not look directly at him. Run back indoors immediately. And call your emergency services. And don't put the tea on until you see the white van pull up and the polite gentlemen in their Roto-Rooter uniforms escort Schnapper safely away.

Enough's Enough! 2007-02-15
According to reports at Apple Defects, Apple have done it again: wiped out a forum thread where word was spreading about defects in Apple hardware and Apple's refusal to address the issues. After over 16,000 viewings the 'censor crew' Apple claim no longer exist went into action - and the thread is no more.

A New Tipping Point? 2007-02-14
The brouhaha stirring at Digg and MacSurfer is actually a topic that's over four years old. Code injector Jonathan Rentzsch got burned back in February 2003. Yet in not a single instance had any of the pundits stopped to consider what that underlying 'rock solid foundation' had to say about any of this.

Sumner Redstone 2007-02-10
Viacom are doing a hatchet job at YouTube. Even as you read this - and it's a weekend - Viacom are toiling away with the Don't Be Evil™ people and slashing video clips left and right. It's slaughter.

No Ctrl+C Except for Me 2007-02-10
Content theft in the blogosphere is not new; greed and hypocrisy on the level of No Ctrl+C is.

When Heads Get Stuck 2007-02-10
YouTube is a phenomenon. Perhaps more than any other site on the web it epitomises the concept of selflessly sharing information. YouTube was recently 'acquired' by Google - the Don't Be Evil™ people.

Who Does Bill Gates Know at Viacom? 2007-02-07
Here's Mister Bill Gates getting up to leave after his interview on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Said interview was not, as some might think, a crass promotional stunt made possible by Bill's connections with the uncomfortable suits at Viacom, but purely an informal chitchat about nothing in particular. Bill's new product wasn't even mentioned in the interview and no attention was drawn to it. Gates just wanted to show the world what a genuinely nice person he was. It was all completely above board.

Bill Gates MSNBC Interview Mirror 2007-02-01
Because of (rather typical) IIS server issues at MSNBC.COM the Rixstep website will now mirror this most important interview. Every effort has been made to painstakingly and faithfully reproduce the excerpts from the interview in their entirety - with 100% accuracy.

Microsoft: The Most Ridiculous Software Company in the World 2007-02-06
Everyone in the know has known this for the longest time but it took a genius at Sana Security to come up with the perfect way to depict it. If never before then certainly now: a picture can truly be worth one thousand words. So next time you hear about a Microsoft worm outbreak where the clueless are running IIS without knowing it because they bought Windows XP Ess-Pee-Too or even THAT NEW ONE and IIS is just there running without their knowing it: think then of these graphs.

CLIX: Safer than Terminal? 2007-02-04
The dangers of the 'sudo fun' exploit remain remote but there's no point in not being safe. A graphic look at the 'Resolve Path' ACP Text Service in action with CLIX 1.8.

ACP Text Services: Resolve Path 2007-02-03
Pursuant to the 'Sudo Fun' discussion on $PATH hijacking the ACP Text Services now offer the ability to resolve paths in command lines so you can see where things are going before they get there. It's perhaps the safest way to go - possibly safer than even Terminal. Select your text; hit the keyboard shortcut ⌘~; it's done.

0.6143232 Hours of Windows Bugs 2007-02-02
Bill Gates is out shooting off his dirty mouth again.

MORB: Extended. Indefinitely. 2007-02-01
It's still win-win. And it's extended. Indefinitely.

MOAB: A Farewell 2007-02-01
The Month of Apple Bugs team depart with a final greeting.

Larry Seltzer's Taliban Bearded Face 2007-01-30
Never without a sense of humour the MOAB team go after eWeek's primordial Windows defender.

Larry the Tool™ 2007-01-30
According to eWEEK, Larry Seltzer has been working in and around computers since his graduation from the University of Pennsylvania in 1983. This is true - but it's mostly been 'around' rather than 'in'.

Darren Waters: Crook or Idiot Extraordinaire? 2007-01-26
What's amazing with all morons (crooks) is that they always assume everyone else is as stupid as they are. Which in the case of Darren Waters is assuredly a 99.99999999999% fatally flawed mistake.

The Steve Jobs Squeeze 2007-01-23
It turns out Parallels aren't such a little company after all.

Swedes Fooled by Online Mafia 2007-01-19
They're calling it the biggest swindle ever.

MUFF: The Loopers 2007-01-19
Following is the resolved list of all the MUFF 'loopers' caught trying to 'steal' data from MOAB.

SNOsoft: 'We Pay You $75,000' 2007-01-19
'Driving the prices up so researchers aren't taken advantage of.'

Apple & 3rd Party Patches 2007-01-18
So far through MOAB Cupertino have been silent; security pundits think it's high time they spoke up.

A Fortnight of Apple Bugs (and Fixes) 2007-01-15
Halfway through the war of words.

MORB: Halfway, No Bugs 2007-01-15
It's still win-win.

Month of Unsupported Fanboy Fixes 2007-01-12
Apple Spin™ in action? Excerpts from the Apple marketing handbook.

The Canary Trap, the Leak, and the Mole 2007-01-09
'A backdoor was prepared to be included with the exploit. The potential leak sources would download the backdoor, and as expected, start shouting on forums, random blogs and other Mac churches, saying we were installing rootkits.'

Jeffrey Czerniak 2007-01-09
It's a real paranoid life to be a fanboy in today's enlightened world.

MOAB 8 Fallout 2007-01-09
So much is fairly certain at this impasse: at the end of this Month of Apple Bugs the big losers are going to be Jason Harris, Rosnya Keller, Unsanity - and APE.

Macworld Keynote 2007 2007-01-09
Read about it in realtime. Thanks to roving reporter Ryan Block.

A Totally Unsane Privilege Escalation 2007-01-08
The MOAB crew do it again.

Pandora's Box 2007-01-08
You know the story. You know the drill. Open it and you suffer the consequences. Ignominiously.

AAPL CEO Should Step Down 2007-01-08
The market researchers and longtime bullish Apple supporters at IRA are recommending Steve Jobs resign from Apple.

ORLANDO! 2007-01-06
The Doom of the World has Arrived. It's pink and its name is Orlando Smith, Esq.

MOAB Drop Zero Day on Stunned Fanboy World 2007-01-05
Everyone expected the Month of Apple Bugs to turn up some pretty nasty things but few expected show stoppers like this.

A Month of Apple Fanboys 2007-01-02
The Month of Apple Bugs has barely begun and the Apple fanboys are already hysterical, their behaviour more of a news item than the bugs themselves. It's also a wake-up call for potential switchers.

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