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There'll be an index eventually but not now. We can't be bothered yet. For now you have to figure out to click the '»' at the bottom of the page.

And it's better to name the pages as this because then you can write about whatever the fuck you want and you don't have to be consistent or anything. And as for spell checking, well it comes built into OS X so the output will be nice.

Normally we like to research things really well before publishing. When we write a software roast review it's a lot of work and frankly we're glad we don't run into a lot of those gems all the time because it's just so much work. Life would be simpler without those morons around.

This of course in contrast to our good friend Steve Gibson who does whatever the fuck he wants - and in fact his success is dependent on his not researching properly.

Or how would the spin of an intentional backdoor in Windows metafiles have worked otherwise?

How could someone for that matter get things so wrong? The truth is that Gibson wants - he needs - to get things wrong. Any careful analysis would have defeated the entire campaign on dozens of different points.

Metafiles recognise SetAbortProc because they recognise, by definition, anything from the GDI, and the GDI like a lot of things has to be able to print. Of course Gibson with his non-existent skills and experience in programming wouldn't know this - but hey that never stopped him before. No heck - just barge ahead with old Leo - and Leo's more than ready to talk mumbo-jumbo too. What a glorious mess it becomes.

We found a great thing: namely that the Wayback Machine can retrieve Gibson programs he's stopped distributing. We don't think he knows that. He gets embarrassed and the collective programming community comes down on his arse, so he retracts a dumbass program. Guess what, Steve? You can't retract: it's all there at Wayback.

As an example of this, we've reconstructed an entire homepage from GRC from 19 January 1997 complete with Steve's original and blindly brilliant graphics. Click the link below to be awed.


Talk about skeletons in the closet.

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