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Princess Madde of Sweden, Lover of Nature.

The Swedish party princess, recently voted by an obscure Spanish tabloid as one of the ten hottest party girls in Europe, seems to be trying to get rid of her Paris Hilton slut reputation.


Years ago she stunned the stuffed shirt society of the Nobel Prize dinner by turning up with most of her boobies falling out. Actually she looked pretty good but my oh my can people get their feathers in a ruffle over nothing.

And then there's the thing that where the rest of the world have had so much of this crowd they want to vomit, the Swedes really suck it up. Show pics of Tara Reid drunk on her arse at a party in Switzerland and every Swedish teen wants to be there.

Class, real class.

And now Madde's got her degree and of course she's going to go live in New York City for half a year and work for UNICEF and this same tabloid published a series of tips where she could go to party in the Big Apple so she can run into Paris Hilton again.

Whereas most people would think 'oh so Paris Hilton's going to be in New York, so I think I'll fly to Hong Kong or Borneo for the weekend'.

And Madde's quite hot actually, but you have to remember it's not Swedish hot. More like mutt hot. Her daddy's family is French - they're the Bernadottes. When the real Swedish royal line ran out someone came up with the amazing idea to go ask Napoleon, so they got down to France and found this bloke called Bernadotte in Napoleon's army and they tapped him on the shoulder and said 'excuse us wee are from Sweeeeden would you like to be our king' and the Bernadotte dude said hey OK sure.

And Madde's mother isn't Swedish either - she's half German and half Brazilian. So if you think Madde is hot it's not because she's Swedish hot - she's a bloody immigrant.

But whatever. Yesterday the interview. And Madde wants to dispel the idea that she is just a terrible slut of a party girl like Paris Hilton so the protocol people arranged for a bit of publicity.

The 'interview' went something like this. First the paper feeds out the idea that Madde doesn't like to party so much anymore and actually has many diverse interests such as horse riding - and hunting.

'I shot my first animal not long ago, out on Lovön near our castle' says Madde.


'To take part in a moose hunt is a big step for me but I've passed the test and some day when a moose comes wandering by it will be very exciting!'


'I hope to entice more young women to hunt.'


'It's not only about killing an animal - it's also an intense experience of nature. It's part of our way of caring for nature.'

It's going to be great to see what PETA do about this. And maybe it's better if Madde goes back to showing off boobies and generally behaving like a slut like Paris Hilton. At least fewer animals will suffer.

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