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Finder, the notorious file browser for Mac OS X.


Talk about unlucky Fridays the thirteenth.

Title: Finder Software Engineer
Req. ID: 2510614
Location: Santa Clara Valley, California
Country: United States

The Finder team is seeking an energetic, motivated software engineer to help develop next generation versions of the Finder, the notorious file browser for Mac OS X.

In this position you will be expected to:
- Grapple with the inherent inconsistencies in sticking to a beige box paradigm while attempting to finally achieve POSIX compliance.
- Work with our file system development team to produce a virgin copy of ReiserFS.
- Reverse engineer code from Xfile, X-file, File Buddy, Path Finder, Konqueror, Nautilus, BBEdit, Homeland Alert, Ghost Folder, FileGeek, and Windows Explorer.

If you are passionate about working on user Interfaces and usability, love writing tight code, enjoy being a team player, hone your programming skills as a hobby, aren't afraid of working on large code bases and share your code with other engineers, this is a job for you.

BS in CS or equivalent. No previous beige box experience a plus.
Good knowlege of OS X. Good knowledge of real Unix a plus.

Preferred experience:

5+ years of experience developing AppleScript applications.
Knowlege of Macintosh Toolbox, Carbon, HFS Extended, Dashboard widgets.
If you've developed a real Unix file browser, we want your code.

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