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Madde going to work.

Sweden's princess Madeleine - 'Len' to her monosyllabic friends - walked off to her first day at work today. 'Work' is on Manhattan in New York City and Madde can walk it because she's filthy rich and therefore can get an exclusive flat there. You can't see her boyfriend and you can't see the other photographers because after all this is a Swedish princess and therefore there aren't many covering the big event.

'Work' is a four month 'apprenticeship' for UNICEF, chosen naturally to heighten the former party princess' charisma in the world's tabloids.

Her first day of work was supposed to be last Friday but poor Madde had a tummy ache after watching hockey the night before in Madison Square Garden and filling up on hot dogs and Coca-Cola.

Ditching a new job on the very first day because of a minor ailment is of course something reserved for royalty and the filthy rich, and luckily Madde is both.

Maybe Madde and her boyfriend can get out to Long Island or wherever the filthy rich in the US kill animals. Madde loves killing animals and has said so: 'it's an intense experience of nature'. Good hunting, Len. And don't work too hard.

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