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A hot DVD.

Aftonbladet's Martin Adler came home from Iraq with an exclusive: a DVD made by al Qaeda to recruit suicide bombers.

In the above sequence you can see the Saudi man waving happily at the camera. Then he gets behind the wheel of the car to drive down the Highway to Heaven as al Qaeda call it on their promotional DVD.

The film shows another car approaching when the first car explodes and the american soldiers rush forward - and it too explodes shortly afterward. According to the DVD, this is the method to use to maximise the number of fatalities. The DVD is now being spread via electronic mail, websites, and study circles.

Recruiting's been enormously successful: in the past year alone over 500 suicide bombers exploded in Iraq - more than in the past twenty three years.

There's something seriously wrong with these people. And they obviously don't understand the Holy Word of the Quran.

The Quran smiles on suicide bombers - so much is true - but it specifically forbids causing harm to outsiders.

The Gates of Allah are open; the virgins are waiting expectantly.

[And so were the assassins in Mogadishu. Ed.]

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