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MacNN: Apple updates security patch (again).

reader reactions

who cares?

First off, there's no known exploit to this so-called security hole, so who really cares.

Second, I really doubt there is a problem since we know Apple really cares about security and OS X is the most secure OS ever built.

Third, I'm sure given enough time, Apple will get this right. So stop using the sarcastic tone!

posted by testudo
testsudo's been around. He was doing Ada Lovelace when she got tired of Chuckie B. He did Alan Turing during WWII and crapped on an Enigma all by himself. He worked with Fred Brooks on 360 and Dave Cutler on VMS. He inspired Grace Hopper to write COBOL. He helped the NSA put together their secure Linux and he not only wrote the orange book almost all by himself, he personally supervised the implementation of two of the world's handful of A1 secure installations. He's consulted with the SAIC and is now an SAIC fellow.

Not really. testsudo is a pimply wimp living in a trailer park. His mother tried to suffocate him when he was little but he escaped to an orphanage and at the ripe age of 15 was given a beige box with BASIC on it. But he preferred the games.

testsudo likes to stay at home and play with his OS X box. He likes to polish it and open it and close it and listen to it chime and watch it gleam. He's secretly in love with Steve Jobs and thinks Steve is The Most Wonderful Man in the World. He also owns an iPod.

testsudo doesn't do much computing; he still prefers games; but he knows his stuff. Like Christopher Lambert before him, testsudo's come a long way baby.

And when testsudo says OS X is the most secure OS ever built, you better fucking believe it.

testsudo told you so. And any sarcastic tone is inferred on the part of the reader.

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