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Greeks throw Carola H in gaol?

They should at any rate. And they're fully within their rights. It's a felony in Greece to 'proselytise' as they call it - for any reason, at any location, for any cause, Jesus-related or otherwise.

Carola Häggkvist is an anomaly: everybody in Sweden hates her yet she creeps into competitions anyway - and in this case gets to come to Greece to officially represent us. We're not exactly happy for that.

She's like a Nixon - or worse: she's actually a W. A total pain that just won't go away. Already when she won the final vote emcee Lena Ph was skeptical and expressed scorn right on national television. But no one envisioned this - not in their worst nightmare.

The erstwhile proponent of child beating [sic] was invited down to Greece for the preparations for the Eurovision final in May. She proceeded to make a total ass of herself from the beginning but her coup de resistance waited until the day of her departure.

Armed with a shitload of bibles she had sent down to her hotel before she arrived (which in itself probably constitutes a felony as it's 'criminal intent') she ran around accosting tourists up at the Acropolis, waving the Swedish flag behind her, loudly proclaiming (screaming) 'Jesus is God and he is coming back!'

Strangely, those she screamed at weren't seen shaking her hand or hugging her and inviting her to dinner. Reaction back home in Sweden has been forceful outrage, most people saying they've never been able to stomach the prima donna and questioning how any vote, rigged or otherwise, could send such a nut ball out to officially represent the country - and others realising Sweden is now the shamed laughing stock of Europe.

And it is a shame actually, for the pig-eyed Carola is hardly typical of the country. With international names like Nina Persson, The Cardigans, Marie and Pelle of Roxette, Howlin' Pelle Almqvist and The Hives, Carl Bildt of the UN, 'Mat-Tina' - it's a good country, the 'best' country perhaps. There's only one thing lacking.

A Swedish law making 'proselytising' a felony.

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